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Keynote - Jim Alchin

October 27, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in Nant | XML
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* Don Box and Chris Anderson come out...they are going to develop an Avalon app. Clever banter.
* Don is writing code in Emacs on Longhorn.  The fonts were WAY to small. (No one reads my presentaion tips)
* Everyone yells out to make the fonts bigger.  Don ups the fonts, but turns off syntax highlighting because apparent the contrast of syntax highlighting offends. ;)
* Showing MSBuild. Holy crap it smells like NAnt.  Wow, writing these build files is xml and is 90% the same concept as Nant.  Learn and use Nant now (I say) and use MSBuild soon.
* Chris and Don play very well of each other.  It's good the MS has folks like them to present at keynotes like these.  They are scrupted, but still quipping.  It's very comfortable.
* Showing XAML to write an XML declarative document to describe the Window and it's properties.  The XAML file is codegen'ed into C#.  The XAML is just another input file, like a resource.

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October 27, 2003 22:35
This is great! Been refreshing my browser every few minutes. Keep it coming...

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