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Keynote - Bill Gates - continued

October 27, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in
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* Dynamic folder views ala "Office 2003 Search Folders" - built into explorer.  He's viewing 1100 items with no slow down.
* Showing "stacks" that are views of data that are spread all over the system.  Smacks of HyperCard.  These stacks are dynamic based on WinFS metadata.
* Aero - click on a person and "view communication history" and query the metadata within WinFS to get all files related to communicating with that person.
* Aero - Common Dialogs for PEOPLE.  The system knows that people are unique.
* Presence info built into the Aero experience. 
* Lots of Transparency on all nonclient areas of windows. 
* My opinion: The UI look really IS distinct and different than Mac's Jaguar.  I honestly wouldn't have thought it possible.  It's an extraordinarily clean look.  I wonder how hard it is to do the gratuitous animations.
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October 27, 2003 23:18
So is there going to be a Webcast of this? Or is Aero so secret that only PDC attendees will be able to see it for the next two years. Was there a no camera rule at the Keynote? Don't leave us hanging on!

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