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September 8, '03 Comments [1] Posted in Web Services | Tools
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My buddy Jonas Blunck, hero of the people and maker of ComTrace and IEHttpHeaders has done it again (along with Kim Gräsman) with DeveloperPlayground.  At first it looks like Process Explorer from SysInternals, but it includes such cleverness as:

  • Shows run-time DLL dependencies for running processes
  • Hooks any process, and tracing single calls to external DLLs
  • Integrates with favorite tools such as Google, OleView, Depends and the Explorer
  • DeveloperPlayground now lives happily in the hallowed halls of my C:/UTILS folder with the best of them.  Great job guys, keep it up!  I think be using and suggesting this util in my C# Class this fall.

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    Tuesday, September 09, 2003 8:22:51 AM UTC
    How about posting a list of the utils you have in C:utils?
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