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Something Interesting Was Said Recently On The Blogs On To The Recent Uproar Caused By The Middleware Companys PetStore Whit

November 12, '02 Comments [0] Posted in Web Services | Tools
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Something interesting was said recently on the Blogs on to the recent uproar caused by the Middleware Company's PetStore whitepaper...I can't remember where, but I knew I should have just posted it when I saw it. 

The gist of it was that "Isn't it interesting that even most fervent .NET supporters when asked, will say that it is just as possible to do most any large project in Java as it is in .NET.  You don't here a lot of Java zealots saying that."

Let me know if you, or someone you know, posted a quote like this a few days back...

I wonder what that says about the mindset of the average Java Joe.  Myself, I worked at Nike for ayear on a Java project that did it all (at the time, in the old days) - JDBC, beta of RMI, talked to DB2, ran on Win95, MacOS 8, a Hot Java box, and Solaris.  I feel that I've been there, I've programmed entirely with VI because the Java tools weren't there.  (Actually I even cheated some and used VNC from Solaris to talk to a remote Windows box and used Visual Studio for HTML editing, but don't tell my boss). 

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