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Undeleting Digital Photo Files from Removable Media

August 19, '05 Comments [8] Posted in Reviews | Tools
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Digital Picture Recovery just saved my ass. My 512 Meg SD card was erased (Delete All Files) by my nephew, causing us to lose the last week of my Mother-in-law's trip to the states. OMG. Seriously.

Yes, I know how FAT works, yes I tried a number of tools, but this wasn't a matter of ?eleted files, these were orphaned. I tried 3 different undeletes, paying for 1, all without success. Each of the failures could find only 4 files, and there were 373 missing files. Also, the failed programs took seconds to search, which wasn't a comforting sign. At least lie to me and take some time, eh?

However, Digital Picture Recovery searched for 15 minutes and found all 373 files, as well as a dozen from literally months ago. 

Fan-freaking-awesome. Saved. Whew. 

UPDATE: Forgot, here's a few of the saved pics. My M-in-law from Zim is visiting our home for the first time.

CIMG3518 (Medium)

Recovered527539 (Medium)


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