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newtelligence dasBlog Community Edition 1.7.5016.1 RELEASED!

January 18, '05 Comments [13] Posted in ASP.NET | DasBlog | Bugs
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dasblog-logo-200.jpgIt's been a long time since 1.6, but Omar, myself, and the dasBlogCE team are proud to announce availabilty of newtelligence dasBlog Community Edition 1.7.5016.1.  Thanks to Chris Anderson for starting it all with BlogX and thanks to Clemens for rewriting it all :) with the 1.6 codebase, and his support of the move to SourceForge. 

As you've probably heard, dasBlogCE 1.7 has dozens of new features and some major performance enhancements. DasBlog-run blogs have previously survived several SlashDotting's

Starting with 1.7, dasBlog is now newtelligence dasBlog Community Edition and has a rich Version History.

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Feel free to donate to support DasBlog if it makes you happy. Any $ will go to pay for bandwidth on various dasBlogCE supporting websites. I can guarantee I won't buy beer with it, but I may buy Diet Rite.


UPDATE: Not all the mirrors have dasBlog yet, but you can get the bits here (NOTE: cut and paste, the clickthrough won't work. Make sure you're getitng 1.7.5016.1.)

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