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Prompt(s) along with PushD and PopD

January 21, '05 Comments [6] Posted in ASP.NET
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Let this post serve as a reminder to me (and you if you don't use it all the time) that PUSHD and POPD are available in Windows.

Certainly TAB AutoCompletion is a goodness (it KILLS me when I have to watch someone, especially on stage, type long dirs and files one char at a time) and folks often forget that you can even do more tricky things like:

C:\TEMP>type my*.ofx (now PRESS TAB)

and get:

C:\TEMP>type myfiledata.ofx

but you can also

C:\TEMP>pushd .
C:\TEMP>cd "\Documents and Settings\shanselm\Desktop"
C:\Documents and Settings\shanselm\Desktop>popd

Shawn Van Ness via Craig Andera make this tip even more useful when combined with their command PROMPT environment variable (Remember when "Customizing Your OS" consisted of 10-line long PROMPT statements in 4DOS? Ah, the good not-quite-old days.) From Craig's post:


Which, when I set it via either the prompt command or the PROMPT environment variable, gives me a command line that looks like this:


The plusses indicate that I'm two levels deep in pushd, and I like that the working directory appears on the line before, obliterating the problem of long paths making commands linewrap. Nice!

 What a nice series of tips for a random Thursday. Thanks guys!

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