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Microsoft's AntiSpyware Beta - We shall see how it stacks up against SpyBot and AdAware...

January 6, '05 Comments [5] Posted in Musings | Tools
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SpynetWow, only 23 days since Microsoft acquired GIANT Company, they are releasing a BETA of Microsoft AntiSpyware.

It shore is purdy.

But I wonder why we need a separate program for:

  • Anti-Virus (coming soon)
  • SpyWare (in BETA)
  • Firewall (in SP2)
  • Popup Blocker (in SP2 and in MSN Desktop Search and in MSN's original  Toolbar. Why?)
  • Phishing Protection (nothing from Microsoft yet. There's yet-another-toolbar available from Netcraft to protect against phishing)

These are no doubt different teams at Microsoft. It'd be nice to have a single, unified "Keep Evil Away" program that did all of these. Spyware is a virus as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't get spyware if I had ActiveX blocking, popup blocking or a good fireware. This is all getting a little confusing for my Mom, and I'd like a good way to explain to here why the Internet is out to get her.

Warning: be careful with the decisions you make with this particular tool, you may accidentally block your IT organization's SMS servers.

GiantfileYou know, you'd think the first thing one would do when acquiring a company would be to change the EXE name...


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