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Root Cause: The SPOT Watch calendar quota...

March 18, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services
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Lots of talk about this supposed 'Calendar Quota' issue with the SPOT Watch.  I've figured out the root cause, and I believe it's a crazy edge case that was arguable MY FAULT. 

Here's what we know, you decide:

  • There is a calendar update quota of some kind.  There has to be, as there is limited bandwidth.  It's obviously set to some ridiculously high number that noone should EVER hit.
  • There is a separate quota of 100 IM messages that you can get in a month.  Again, separate.  One doesn't count against the other.

Now, I'm using Taskline, an Outlook AddIn that takes all your Outlook Tasks and their durations and creates a Calendar event to fill your free time with scheduled 'tasks.'  Apparently it does this a LOT, and deletes and RECREATES it's appointments when it's run. 

Obviously, if the MSNDirect Outlook Addin is syncing with the Web Services everytime a calendar appointment changes or is added, well, you can understand why the Taskline AddIn would cause me to hit the ceiling on the quota for calendar sync. 

It would be nice if I could exclude certain kinds of appts (like ones marked as free or tentative) from syncing with the watch.  Or, teach Taskline to RELAX.

Either way, that's the scoop.  I believe that the average user would NEVER hit the calendar limit with the SPOT watch unless they were recreating appts daily. 

I wonder if there are problems when sync'ing with certain PDAs that delete and recreate appts?

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