Scott Hanselman

I love to teach

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I've been fortunate to speak to nearly a half-million people all over the world over the last 20 years, to groups as small as 10 and as large as 25,000. I've spoken to non-developers on topics like Personal Productivity, Diversity in Teams, your Technical Startup plan, Blogging, Effective Social Media, and personal Brand Management. I've presented to developers on topics like large-scale system architecture, cloud computing, .NET, JavaScript and more. I've also partipated in panels at conferences like SXSW.

Feel free to contact me to speak at your conference or corporate event. Also check out some reviews on my talks, or videos of me speaking.

I’m only interested in speaking at conferences with an enforced Code of Conduct in place. Examples CoCs are used at Pycon and JSConf. I prefer to speak at conferences that are actively working towards improving diversity amongst both attendees and speakers. Do read about putting on diverse and inclusive conferences.

I also have a video on Pluralsight that will teach you how to be a better technical speaker!

Here's where I'll be in the coming months

I also try to keep a list of where I've spoken on my Lanyrd page. You can watch dozens of videos of me speaking on my blog. Feel free to contact me if you'd like me to speak at your company!

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