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Keynote - Jim Alchin

October 27, '03 Comments [1] Posted in
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* Jim Alchin here to do "a lap around Longhorn"
* WinFX (yes, that's FX)
- Next API beyond Win32
- DOS->Win16->Win32->WinFX
- Fewer lines of code is the point (Calling back to the "fewer moving parts" concept from BillG)
* Starting the "Lap"
* Longhorn is as much about fundamentals as anything else.  It's to easy today for drivers and apps to piss off other drivers and apps. We're building in Sandboxing and Protection at every level.
* Performance Degradation over time - (Windows Arthritis, why doesn't it get Faster over time?)
* NO REBOOTS - Jim is on a campaign to stop reboots.
* "Click Once" - taking XCOPY deployment to the next level
* A "flight data recorder" built into the OS to diagnosis problems
* "SuperFetch" - the idea thatwe can look at what's going on in a system and determine what you will need in the future. 
* Exploit the GPU
* (if such a thing is possible, Jim isn't as dynamic a speaker as BillG.  Perhaps he's nervous.  He seems "off." His voice is quavering.)
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