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Keynote - Bill Gates - continued

October 27, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in
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* Fantastic Video "Behind the Technology" ala VH1's Behind the Music.  Destined to become a classic.  Hopefully it will get posted soon!  They appear to have gotten the ACTUAL VH1 announcer.  Also, it included Puff Daddy, Anthony Michael Hall, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet, the Meet the Press guy, the puppet, and John Sculley (Apple Newton launcher).
* "Peer to Peer is very important."
* Informtation has been stored in binary streams - in hierarchical silos. "We haven't gone beyond the clipboard to structure information."
* Information Agents - needs to be built into the platform.  "Every application tries to be on top and put up its toast.". (A reference to the "little blue toast" popup that Messenger uses to inform the user of presence chnages.)
* "A 26" LCD will cost only $500 in 3-5 years."
* Longhorn: It's all about Avalon (new GDI), WinFS (Metadata/Unified Storage), Indigo (Communication system)
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October 27, 2003 22:50
"Behind the Technology" .... It was on a web page a bit might be able to still Google it... that was from last year's Comdex

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