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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Presentations over 10 years old

March 09, 2010 Comment on this post [31] Posted in Speaking
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I've been presenting for a long time. It's great fun, mostly it's stand-up comedy with code and PowerPoint. I also keep everything, always, so earlier today when I was asked by a friend to find some ten year old code, I found a few 10 year old "Company Confidential" PowerPoint presentations. Not only was I shocked and offended by my sense of style (what was I thinking) but the scope of "Ten Years" really hit me. Ten Years is no time at all.

Here's a bit of what I found from 1999 and earlier. This is from a presentation on Windows 98 and what developers need to know.

"This screen shot is from a system with 8 gigs!"

 "This screen shot is from a system with 8 gigs!"

Some things never change...

Most apps don't handle power management well.

Oh, my.

Windows DNA

Man, these were the days:

How does ASP work?

This analogy made sense in 1998.

Apples to Apple Juice

Oh, is THAT how you design for scalability?

Designing for Scalabilty?

I remember squeezing COM for performance...

Smarter COM Strategies

More importantly: What were you doing, coding, writing about or presenting about ten+ years ago, Dear Reader?

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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March 09, 2010 1:25
I am mostly impressed by how much slicker the color combos are now. Those old decks look so glaring and bright. As if we only had 16 colors to draw with ;)
March 09, 2010 1:27
I hadn't written my first program yet!
March 09, 2010 1:49
Ten years ago I was digging into Windows DNA, writing several system applications with Visual C++ 6.0/MFC and Win32 API.
March 09, 2010 1:56
"Not only was I shocked and offended by my sense of style (what was I thinking)"

Whats wrong with the presentation?

I have to disagree. Of course its different, but its definitely not bad. Actually I was shocked, that you said that.
March 09, 2010 2:13
As usual good one scott!

I had written quite a few of SME projects by 1999 and trust me that slide about scalability was considered ultimate blue print for designing scalable applications on MS platform!

March 09, 2010 2:32
Try to explain on a single slide. Long Live Classic ASP.
March 09, 2010 3:13
Ten years ago I was writing COM servers and middle tier apps in Delphi.
March 09, 2010 3:15
I think I was starting middle school 10 years ago =\ HTML maybe?
March 09, 2010 4:44
Awesome! Squeezing COM for performance... some things never go out of style! Ten years ago I was making the transition from a Lotus Notes/Domino pro to an ASP developer. Those Notes apps were sure ugly but they got a lot of work done. Back in those days, you would just create your Forms and then develop Views, and set up your ACL's to control your data access... oh, wait a minute...
March 09, 2010 5:29
10 years ago I was developing on MFC/ C++. And looking forward to the first beta of .NET. As soon as it got out, we redirected out R&D efforts for the full 100% to .NET.
March 09, 2010 6:36
Not that much has changed now has it. HTML 5 is stronger than ever. Ten years ago I was doing c++ and working on a game window engine using DIBSection.
March 09, 2010 7:10
March 09, 2010 7:28
I was studing in the university, all this stuff sounds to me like vietnam war, soooooooooooo old :).

Thanks god for having started working in 2004!!!
March 09, 2010 7:46
Ten Years is no time at all.

What? 10 years is about 1/8th of your lifespan. I agree that it isn't much compared to the life of the universe, but it is to me. Especially since the last 10 I still had a 3 in front of my age.

Anyway ten years ago I was doing Access development and it was fun. Can't remember the version though.
March 09, 2010 8:07
Ten years ago, I was coding COM server/clients with Visual C++. The first time I saw my COM clients "talked" to the server through our LAN was an awesome experience.
By the way, I was reading COM essentials by Don Box and its first chapter was terrific !
March 09, 2010 8:37
Manu - LOL. But no one ever made it past Chapter 1! ;)
March 09, 2010 8:45
2010 - 10 = 2000 That means that I was wrestling with gcc and vim on my RedHat machine and anticipating the .NET 1.0 release. There was some JAVA involved to :)
March 09, 2010 11:45
10 years ago I was a young Web Designer and Graphic Designer in the Communication & Events Department of my company. Mostly, Photoshop and classic ASP.

But one year earlier I was a freelance Web Designer, just Photoshop static HTML, and a scanner to digitize customers brochures... and I worked for a company that made web sites for a customer selling woman's underwear and bikinis... THOSE were the days, sigh :-)
March 09, 2010 13:04
Great read, I'll see what I can "pre-chew" this week to increase perf!

Ten years ago I was writing a Sega Saturn emulator in C++ with MFC. PDC 2000 brought .NET b1 and I haven't touched C++ since!
March 09, 2010 13:10
Interesting slides/memory. I still own the Windows DNA book with me. Also, during that time I was exploring WOSA-I and WOSA-II. It was great time, when we used to install Personal Web Server to try out the initial Classic ASP. Also used to develop applications on VB4 and use Crystal Reports a lot. Those were the days of FarPoint Spread and many other ActiveX Components development companies. My favorite search engines included - Yahoo and Altavista. Just saw Altavista - amazing - its available now also!

March 09, 2010 13:16
10 years ago I was porting a Clipper Summer 87 application to Visual Foxpro 6.
March 09, 2010 14:05
10 years ago I was in my final year of my Masters. I had just finished my third year project - a word processor for deafblind children using a Microsoft force feedback joystick (DirectX 6) - and started work on my final year team project, a dynamically reconfigurable computer (my part was a Windows app to show what the microchips were doing). I remember my fingerless gloves and bottle of Coke as I huddled over my computer in 5 layers of clothing, pulling an all-nighter with the heating off.
March 09, 2010 15:05
Ten years ago I was working as a senior software engineer for Worldcom. We all know how that turned out.
March 09, 2010 17:12
Had to pull out the Resume to remember where I was 10 years ago.. classic ASP, COM, SQL, VB6, etc.

blogged if any cares, I'll add more detail.
March 09, 2010 18:04
Ten years ago I wrote an article titled "Design for Change: Use Interfaces in C++". It showed how abstract base classes could help you decouple components from one another so that future changes are easier to make. At the time, interfaces were for COM, not for regular classes. Now in the world of unit testing, mock objects, and IoC, the article seems pretty obvious.
March 10, 2010 6:06
10 years ago, I started college.
March 10, 2010 11:01
Oh wow! Windows DNA - I think I gave a presentation or two on that. I remember having little love for MTS, but I learned alot about COM from her. The funny thing is, most architecture patterns still basically look like the Windows DNA Image.
March 10, 2010 16:39
1999 first time I touched a computer in real life. I believe it was Intel 386 running DOS. Man, Life has changed lot in 10 years :)
March 10, 2010 21:05
10 years ago, I was writing PRO*C, PL/SQL and using CA-OPENROAD (formerly Windows 4GL), and just starting with Java. Wow. That is a long time ago.
March 11, 2010 18:31
10 years ago, I was fresh out of education and struggling to get development work, but I was about to get my break - I was working as a data inputter at a local software house and I learned the development team was eager to hire some young schlep on whom they could dump all the unpleasant jobs and pay peanuts.

At the time I was dubious about C# (it couldn't possibly work since it'd make my hard-earned C++ skills useless right?).
March 26, 2010 18:47
10 years ago.....I would have been 17, probably in a "computer repair" class in my highschool, I had already been playing with flash a bit.....those were the days.... Not much in the line of programming though.

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