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Adding Predictive IntelliSense to my Windows Terminal PowerShell Prompt with PSReadline

July 01, 2021 Comment on this post [7] Posted in PowerShell
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I've long said You should be customizing your PowerShell Prompt with PSReadLine. Go to your PowerShell prompt, and

Install-Module PSReadLine -AllowPrerelease -Force

Then, after running code $profile or nodepad $profile, add

Import-Module PSReadLine

Sure, but next, add these:

Set-PSReadLineOption -PredictionSource History
Set-PSReadLineOption -PredictionViewStyle ListView
Set-PSReadLineOption -EditMode Windows

This means that PSReadLine (and hence, your prompt in general) will use your prompt history to make predictions on what you want to see next. These predictions can be on one line in light gray (full details on Jason's blog) but I like them to pop down in a ANSI style ListView. Then you can edit them with up and down arrows (or Emacs or VI soon).

I'm loving PSReadLine an will be doing a video on setting up your best prompt soon.

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July 04, 2021 11:38
Hello Scott,
Very nice tip and easy to use.
Actually, I found your site while searching for another topic related to terminal. But for me this configuration was more useful :)
July 04, 2021 14:38
This is awesome. Thanks for that. I always used CTRL+R to find last command, but this is much better.
July 04, 2021 19:13
thanks for sharing this news with us.
July 06, 2021 15:23
Thanks for this tip, a good improvement that saves time
July 07, 2021 0:50
Hey Scott, really dig this tool. Super small typo (I think) "... code $profile or nodepad $profile ... "
July 07, 2021 13:14
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