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PowerShell (80)

04/25/2023 GitHub Copilot for CLI for PowerShell
11/04/2021 PowerShell 7.2.0 - Could not load type System.Management.Automation.Subsystem.PredictionResult
07/01/2021 Adding Predictive IntelliSense to my Windows Terminal PowerShell Prompt with PSReadline
12/08/2020 You should be customizing your PowerShell Prompt with PSReadLine
10/01/2019 A wonderfully unholy alliance - Real Linux commands for PowerShell with WSL function wrappers
07/18/2019 Installing PowerShell with one line as a .NET Core global tool
06/25/2019 Adding Reaction Gifs for your Build System and the Windows Terminal
03/26/2019 F7 is the greatest PowerShell hotkey that no one uses any more. We must fix this.
05/18/2018 Installing PowerShell Core on a Raspberry Pi (powered by .NET Core)
09/24/2017 Spend less time CD'ing around directories with the PowerShell Z shortcut
08/18/2016 Announcing PowerShell on Linux - PowerShell is Open Source!
09/25/2014 Towards a better console - PSReadLine for PowerShell command line editing
10/14/2013 CSI: Re-enabling Remote Desktop with PowerShell after you've blocked it with your own firewall rule
02/01/2012 Prompts and Directories - Even Better Git (and Mercurial) with PowerShell
08/01/2011 Unix Fight! - Sed, Grep, Awk, Cut and Pulling Groups out of a PowerShell Regular Expression Capture
08/21/2010 How to change the default browser in Visual Studio programmatically with PowerShell and possibly poke yourself in the eye
08/19/2010 Awesome Visual Studio Command Prompt and PowerShell icons with Overlays
12/10/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 190: The State of Powershell with Lee Holmes and Jason Shirk
11/09/2009 Download Podcasts with Powershell
09/18/2009 Batch Converting a Directory Tree of Videos Recursively with Handbrake for Streaming to an Xbox360
05/19/2009 Hanselminutes Podcast 162 - PowerShell 2.0
03/04/2008 2008 Window Scripting Games - Advanced PowerShell Event 7
02/08/2008 Using an IDE to write PowerShell Scripts
10/31/2007 Parsing CSVs and Poor Man's Web Log Analysis with PowerShell
09/12/2007 DNRTV Screencast - Powershell is still shiny
07/31/2007 Progress Bars in PowerShell
07/31/2007 Paper - Managing Large Scale System Deployment and Configuration with Windows PowerShell
07/03/2007 How to Determine if a User is a Local Administrator with PowerShell
06/13/2007 The Value of Writing Windows PowerShell Cmdlets
05/14/2007 Reflector Addins and PowerShell Language Support for Reflector
04/25/2007 Removing Security from Downloaded PowerShell Scripts with Alternative Data Streams
04/11/2007 Adding PNGOUT to the Explorer Right Click Context Menu
02/28/2007 Running PowerShell Scripts from the Command Line in a Hidden Window
02/19/2007 Coding4Fun: Microbric Viper Robot with an Iguanaworks IR Serial Port and PowerShell
02/02/2007 Hanselminutes Podcast 49 - Interview with PowerShell Language Designer Bruce Payette
01/22/2007 Channel 9 Video - Talking to Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell Architect
12/21/2006 - Interviewed by Ron Jacobs at TechEd 2006
10/20/2006 PowerShell CMDLET Visual Studio 2005 Item Template
09/08/2006 Accessing EXIF Photo Data from JPEGs with PowerShell
08/18/2006 WATIR for .NET - WatiN approaches 0.8 release and automating IE from PowerShell
08/09/2006 Signing PowerShell Scripts
08/03/2006 WhatIf Powershell
07/31/2006 PUSHD reminder - it automatically maps network drives
07/30/2006 Sandcastle - Microsoft CTP of a Help CHM file generator on the tails of the death of NDoc
07/27/2006 Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 3
07/24/2006 XSLT with Powershell
07/20/2006 A half-year Podcasts
07/19/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 25 - Scott's .NET Blogroll (for July 2006 at least)
07/19/2006 Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 2
07/18/2006 Portland Code Camp 2006 contracts and expands
07/15/2006 ScriptBlock and Runspace Remoting in PowerShell
07/14/2006 A better PROMPT for CMD.EXE or Cool Prompt Environment Variables and a nice transparent multi-prompt
07/13/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 24 - More Advanced PowerShell
07/11/2006 Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 1
07/10/2006 Portland (and SW Washington) CodeCamp 2006
07/10/2006 Better Documentation for PowerShell - ShinyPower
07/03/2006 An Xml Tidy in PowerShell or Formatting Xml with Indenting with PowerShell
07/03/2006 Querying Virtual Server 2005 via VM with PowerShell
07/02/2006 Searching Google Desktop from PowerShell
07/02/2006 Using FFMPEG to squish lots of videos using PowerShell
07/02/2006 Sapphire In Steel - Ruby within Visual Studio 2005
06/30/2006 Testing PowerShell scripts with NUnit
06/30/2006 PowerShell, AnkhSVN and Subversion
06/22/2006 TechEd 2006 In Conclusion
06/07/2006 Free PowerShell IDE
05/12/2006 Making Junctions/ReparsePoints visible in PowerShell
05/05/2006 Introducing PowerShell Prompt Here
04/30/2006 Replacing Explorer.exe - The Return of Norton Commander with xplorer2 and FAR
04/28/2006 Mourning Monad - This whole Monad, MSH, Microsoft Command Shell, PowerShell thing is tearing me up inside
04/25/2006 Speaking Schedule - 2nd Quarter 2006
04/12/2006 Accessing the Registry from the Command Line
04/05/2006 Ruby as Cross Platform Monad
03/28/2006 AnkhSVN and a Monad SVN Provider?
03/23/2006 Loving Mush - I mean Monad
03/23/2006 Hanselminutes Podcast 11
03/20/2006 Taskkill and Pskill
11/22/2004 A Hanselman Review: Doom 3 vs. FarCry vs. Half-Life 2 vs. Halo 2
06/25/2004 How to load HTML into mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass with UCOMIPersistFile and my ignorance
10/21/2003 Multiple Monitors and Productivity
09/16/2003 Internet Explorer and the Magic of Microsoft KB Article Q293792

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