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And the site launching continues...Microsoft eLearning

April 19, 2005 Comment on this post [2] Posted in Learning .NET | Javascript | XML
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ElearningYou know, you'd think Microsoft was really serious about this whole MSDN thing, eh?  :)

I've been really impressed with the vast (and useful) amount of content that's been produced on MSDN over the last several weeks.

There's a new Developer eLearning site on MSDN. The contest ain't too shabby, either. A 50" Plasma WEGA HDTV. Yes, please.

I liked their style as well:

"Our contest grabs your attention - Our content will keep you coming back"

They've got some slick new JavaScript-based (IE-only) courseware, like this one on Windows 64-bit. Apparently there's a number of new classes on Windows Server 2003 coming soon.

All this, and an RSS Feed? Subscribed.

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April 20, 2005 5:55
The courseware says it requires Windows 2000 too...
April 20, 2005 20:25
IE only JavaScript? *sigh* Oh, wait, they also require a Flash 6 plug-in. Oopsie. :)

Scott, do you happen to know who developed these courses? An outside company?

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