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ASP.NET HotFix 887219/MS05-004 may break and confuse IIS and ASP.NET (404s)

February 11, 2005 Comment on this post [4] Posted in ASP.NET
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Here's an interesting one from Jeff Berkowitz and Phil Hochstetler:

Phil has discovered that MS hotfix 887219 / MS05-004 (, released last Wednesday, completely breaks our site.  At least on one test machine--happily we caught it before it reached Production.  With the hotfix installed, all our virtual roots (three of them, one containing a web application and two containing collections of web service pages) return 404s exclusively.  Backing out just this one hotfix solves the problem.

The fix was found by Phil on Google Groups: Go to IIS Admin, open Properties on Web Site, Home directory tab, Local Path text box: make sure there is no trailing slash.


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February 11, 2005 11:55
This bit me (or rather, my hosting provider) right in the ass. My site was down for most of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning because of this.
February 11, 2005 14:39

You saved my ass on this one, We've had people looking at Content Switches, Secure Content Accelerators etc - no joy, but 1 minute after reading this and I'm back up again.

Many thanks

PS I've now taken automatic updates OFF off this box.
February 11, 2005 22:29
Doesn't seem likely that non-admins are applying patches very often, but if they are, Microsoft has described a performance issue that happens with this same patch.
February 23, 2005 20:09
We installed the hotfix in our dev box and it broke our form submission (which was really weird but whatever). We uninstalled it and suddenly got serialization errors whenever the HI interacted with the host since we've got a single-box environment right now. Our dev box was completely hosed and we're only now getting it rebuilt.

Take images of your dev boxes people.

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