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AvantBrowser The Best IE AddOn Ive Seen Like many o

December 27, 2002 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Bugs | Tools
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AvantBrowser: The Best IE Add-On I've Seen. Like many of you, I'm always looking for great software - something so useful you install it on friends computers when you're over for a visit. Avant Browser is one such software tool. It's a light-weight add-on for Internet Explorer on your desktop PC, and adds some excellent features for a price you can't beat: free (though I'd urge you to give the author a small donation if you use it). It's has a tabbed browser interface, integrated Google searching, a pop-up blocker that works better than anything else I've ever used, and it's very fast (some add-ons to IE slow it down). One thing I like in particular is that most pop-up Windows that you DO want work and they float in their original size (NetCaptor forces them to be "full size"). I've been installing this application on every computer I come across - it's that good. The author is also amazingly responsive - he releases new versions nearly every week, fixing bugs and adding new features. He even added F2/F3 tab navigation when I asked him too! Download the trial version to check out, and if you like it and use it, please support the author with a donation. [Pocket PC Thoughts]

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