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Big Ups to Peter Blum

October 08, 2004 Comment on this post [2] Posted in ASP.NET | XML
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Scott Mitchell gives credit to Peter Blum. It’s true; there just aren’t enough one-man shops like Peter’s out there. Peter gives fantastic tech-support, has impeccable documentation, and provides a ridiculous amount of value in his controls. His validation controls or without peer, and his new security controls are amazing. Get to know Peter and his controls.

Just wanted to give praise to Peter Blum and his ASP.NET server controls over at (some free, some for sale).  I have used Peter's Date Package on a small personal project about a year ago, which was quite useful.

I've mentioned before how verbose I tend to be, but my verbosity is nothing compared to Peter's documentation.  For the Date Package there's a PDF document with nearly 200 pages of documentation (installation instructions, setup, documentation, examples, etc.).  Insane.  (Admittedly, I've read about four pages in total - it's pretty easy to figure out how to get the controls to do the simple stuff.  There is a lot of added features, though, that I've yet to have time to explore.) [Scott on Writing]

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October 08, 2004 19:02
Scott, your summarization of my entry makes it sound like my praise for Peter is coming only from limited experience with Peter's Date Package. I wanted to make sure your readers also knew that I've used his Date Package and Validation And More (VAM) controls in a couple larger projects as well, and have only the highest regard for his products.
October 09, 2004 6:49
Sorry Scott, I didn't mean to edit that out, just for brevity. You're right, Peter does rock and you have used all his stuff.

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