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C and Java The Smart Distinctions Article by Dominik Gruntz

November 14, 2002 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services
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C# and Java: The Smart Distinctions. Article by Dominik Gruntz from Journal of Object Technology (Nov-Dec 2002 Issue), this article shows some of the subtle difference between C# and Java. [ Windows Developer News]

This was a really interesting really underscores the amount of thought IMHO that was put in to making C# better than Java.  They've really tried to offer the programmer a lot of power, even the power to shoot one in one's head.  Since a programming language syntax's primary goal is to allow me to clearly express my intentions, these are important changes.  If you look at Number 3, the changes to the try-finally see than you can still shoot yourself, but they've removed the ambiguity.  Nothing sucks worse than to not really be sure if you intended to shoot yourself in the head...

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