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Chris Pratley in the blogosphere and Ethiopians rejoice!

January 31, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in ASP.NET | Speaking | PDC | Bugs
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Wow, I missed this one.  Chris Pratley is blogging.  He is the Group Program Manager for Office Authoring Services, and one of the (if not the) primary mind(s) behind OneNoteI sat next to Chris on a plane (back from PDC?) and had a fantastic discussion (I thought, Chris probably doesn't know me from Adam) about lingustics and writing systems, particularly Asian ones as he speaks excellent Japanese if I remember correctly.  He is also the hero who allowed the programemrs to fix some breaking bugs in Word that now allow the world to write using the Ethiopian (Amharic or Ge'ez) Fidel.  I mentioned that I thought it was so cool that Microsoft cared about that language.  Turned out it was really just Chris who cared.  :) Point is, it's done and Word 2003 (and Office and Windows XP in general) are the best widely available platform for NOT speaking English.  (Remember having to install Arabic, Japanese or Chinese fonts manually!?)

Welcome Chris!

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