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DCOM lives!

June 21, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services
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Interesting stuff from Adi Oltean, a DCOM Server implemented entirely in C# - great stuff, I've been there, brother.  I've said before, DCOM deserves our respect.  Calling back to something Clemens said:

Enterprise Services has a very elegant solution for mixing the two models in that it uses Remoting to do almost all marshaling work (with two exceptions: QC and calls with isomorphic call sigs) and then tunnels the serialized IMessage through DCOM transport, which means that you get full CLR type fidelity while using a rock solid transport that has been continuously optimized ever since 1993. I understand that some people consider a 10 year old protocol boring; I just call it "stable." [Clemens Vasters]


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