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Error Enumerating Data Server...oops, I mean, Madness and VS.NET's Server Explorer

October 10, 2003 Comment on this post [2] Posted in XML | Bugs
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 I wonder when a whole lot of people have a problem, like when you try to add a Data Source in Visual Studio.NET and you get the descriptive error message “Error Enumerating Data Server” and there are 70 posts with this phrase on the USENET, but not ONE useful answer, is it really a problem?

There must be a solution to this problem that doesn’t involve some of the current helpful suggestions like:

·         Uh, wow, ya, I paved my box when this happened.

·         Dude, reinstall.

·         Ya, that happened to me, but now I just avoid that place in VS.NET anymore.

·         Have you tried reinstalling the MDAC?

The signal to noise ratio of blogs may be low, but it’s way higher than the USENET, and possibly higher than the bathroom wall at my neighborhood Applebee’s.

Hopefully someone will read this and tell me how to fix this obvious (I won’t say bug) incongruity in Visual Studio.NET and the answering will raise this blogs signal to noise ratio.

If I can touch the life of just one child…

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October 10, 2003 5:21
I haven’t got this specific error, but I have received errors enumerating the Web and FTP servers. This was due to account permission problems.
October 10, 2003 12:24

Have you just installed an office service pack, or upgraded to office 2003?

I found that Office2k3 replaced my Visual Design tools, and reinstalling VS.NET didn't fix it.

Check the contents of \program files\common files\microsoft shared\visual database tools\ and let me know the versions.

Learned my lession, and now I have a copy of the folder archived.

For testing, you can also make a backup copy of the folder, then copy over files from another machine which works.


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