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Hanselman's Newsletter of Wonderful Things: March 19th, 2013

April 04, 2013 Comment on this post [6] Posted in Newsletter
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I have a "whenever I get around to doing it" Newsletter of Wonderful Things. Why a newsletter? I dunno. It seems more personal somehow. Fight me.

You can view all the previous newsletters here. You can sign up here Newsletter of Wonderful Things or just wait and get them later on the blog, which hopefully you have subscribed to.

Here's the LAST newsletter, delay-posted as I do.

Hi Interfriends,

Thanks again for signing up for this experiment. Here's some interesting things I've come upon this week. If you forwarded this (or if it was forwarded to you) a reminder: You can sign up at  and the archive of all previous Newsletters is here.

Scott Hanselman

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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April 04, 2013 15:42
There’s no question that technology has crept far more deeply into our everyday lives in the past eight years between the election of Pope Benedict XVI and that of his successor, Pope Francis. A composite image has been making its way around the Internet that appears to juxtapose images of the throng in St. Peter’s Square in 2005 during the announcement of Pope Benedict’s election with the audience present during that of Pope Francis.
But here’s thing, the photos weren’t taken at those times.

About those 2005 and 2013 photos of the crowds in St. Peter’s Square
April 04, 2013 22:07
@Could the eagles have flown Frodo into Mordor?
April 04, 2013 23:03
The Beatles said it in song "happiness is a warm thumb", where do you keep yours?

Pull it out and join the real world, real stuff happens here.

April 05, 2013 10:16
I will never know how you are able to accomplish so much awesome.

Signed, an insulin-challenged fan! :-)
April 05, 2013 17:19
Thank you (again) for the Hacker Newsletter mention!
April 08, 2013 19:09
The link for HackerNews/Matrix in Javascript has expired. Maybe this is where it pointed: ?

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