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Hanselminutes Podcast 173 - All About Microsoft with Mary Jo Foley

August 04, 2009 Comment on this post [6] Posted in Microsoft | Podcast
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image My one-hundred-and-seventy-third podcast is up. Mary Jo Foley writes the All About Microsoft blog for ZDNet and has worked as a journalist covering Microsoft for years. Scott and Mary Jo chat about Windows 7 and the future of Microsoft.

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As I've said before this show comes to you with the audio expertise and stewardship of Carl Franklin. The name comes from Travis Illig, but the goal of the show is simple. Avoid wasting the listener's time. (and make the commute less boring)

Enjoy. Who knows what'll happen in the next show?

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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August 06, 2009 15:57
My kindle arrived a few days ago and I have to agree... I read significantly faster. I'm not sure why, but I definitely think it's more A.D.D. friendly. The screen is the perfect amount of text... I find my mind and eyes wonder much less. I'm in love with this thing.
August 07, 2009 18:09
This was a surprising interview to me. XP on an old laptop? No good backup solution? Can't find room for a Home Server? Can write faster than she can type?

I guess I always assume I am getting tech news from the nerdy types like me.
August 11, 2009 20:53
Mr. H. - Always enjoy your podcasts. I do understand the need for the home server, but for the "house on fire" situation it just doesn't do it for me. I recently started using one of the S3 based backup solutions that works on the macs and my windows system. I get that same sense of not worrying about all the photos on my wife's computer as I know they are safely backed up in the cloud. I do not get the feature you described of full drive recovery, but all the good pictures are on a mac anyway. Just doing that felt like a huge burden has been lifted and I think I sleep better every night!

For my main computer, I use Mesh for all the non-picture/music stuff and that makes the new Win7 install take no time flat. Woo hoo for Microsoft! Heck, I would even rather pay MS for big storage than Amazon.

For the record - 52GB has been running me about $13 per month. Well worth the cost in my eyes!

Keep up that great work - thanks!!!
August 12, 2009 19:30
Just an FYI: the German word "Gestalt" doesn't have anything to do with "getting the point across". "Gestalt" is the shape of something. As in the shape of a thing, or - more commonly - of a person. In fact, a "Gestalt" is often a person. Like "eine dunkle Gestalt am Horizont" is "a dark shape/outline of a person on the horizon".
August 12, 2009 20:21
Thanks for the clarified definition! Of course, we've (English folks) have stolen the world and it DOES mean that in English. We steal a lot of words.
August 12, 2009 21:34
Yeah, that is true I guess. Damn. Keep bastardizing your own language for crying out loud!:-) But then as my friend Rick Strahl always points out to me when he comes to visit me in Austria, we bastardize our own language more than anyone else :-). Of course he could make the same point when he comes to visit me in Houston... :-D

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