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Hanselminutes Podcast 323 (and more) - On Empathy with Leon Gersing the Ruby Buddha

June 16, 2012 Comment on this post [5] Posted in Podcast
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It's been a while since I updated the Podcast category of my blog. I never got around to making a script to do it for me and I started to feel like some weeks were just blog posts of lifeless podcast announcements. Regardless, my podcast(s) march on. I've even got plans for a third that will surprise you.

I did want to share, however, a few episodes lately that really seemed to resonate with people. If you haven't listened to one of our podcasts before or are looking for a good episode to jump in on for a long drive or airplane ride, then these are great places to start. I'm particularly happy with them.

First, as a reminder, Hanselminutes is a 30 minute "commute time" mostly podcast whose goal is is to NOT waste your time. I try to get right into the conversation with minimal "how's the weather" conversation. I've been doing the show consistently - weekly - with Telerik and Carl Franklin's support since January of 2006. That's over 300 episodes! 323, in fact, at last count. All are available in the archives and the ones marked with an asterisk (*) include a transcript which is useful for the hearing impaired or those learning English. We're currently catching up on transcripts with the goal being a consistent release schedule and a complete archive.

I also do a podcast with Rob Conery called This Developer's Life, although more sporadically as the work we put into the show is INSANE. DevExpress pays for the bandwidth and supports the show and we can't thank them enough.

You can tweet both DevExpress and Telerik and thank for supporting these two labors of love as without them, the shows would not exist.

This Developer's Life 2.0.8 - Learn

Recently Rob and I posted a new This Developer's Life episode called "Learn." We talk to two engineers and very different places in their careers with very different academic experiences. One a professional engineer and author with many years experience but a Liberal Arts education in a non-related topic and the other a 17 year old home schooled Microsoft intern who builds rockets in his spare time when he's not mastering parallel computing. Please do subscribe to This Developer's Life, add This Developer's Life to your iTunes or even give us a review. You can get the complete back catalog of 23 episodes. More are coming soon.

Hanselminutes 323 - Empathy with Leon Gersing

I spoke to Leon Gersing (@rubybuddha) on Hanselminutes a few days ago. We spoke about empathy and people. What causes one community to be empathetic and another not? What really drives us as creators? Is it money, tech or the potential connection we can have to other people? We also covered promiscuous pairing, kindness vs. empathy and the user connection. I really have warm feelings towards Leon and what he stands for and I really think this is a great episode you should check out. You can also find and subscribe to the complete archive for Hanselminutes on Feedburner as well as Hanselminutes on iTunes.

Hanselminutes 319 - The Making of How to be Black with Baratunde Thurston

Baratunde Thurston has extensive experience in being Black for more than 30 years. Baratunde was the Digital Director at The Onion until recently and is now striking out on his own with a new venture called Cultivated Wit. He keynoted SXSW this year and is currently on tour promoting his book "How To Be Black." He talked to me about how he used technology to turn his memoir into a New York Times bestseller. He's a comic, a writer, and a social media expert and gave me my own actual in-real-life "Black Card" that I use to impress the whitest of relatives. ;) 

Hanselminutes 317 - It IS Rocket Science with Holly Griffith

What? I thought this was a tech show! Fine, here's Rocket Scientist and former Space Shuttle Flight Controller Holly Griffith, now an International Space Station worker bee. Holly is an engineer who has worked in and around space and aerospace for her entire career. Holly and I talk space, engineering, fuel cells and I try desperately to keep up.

Hanselminutes 314 - More Relationship Hacks with Scott's Wife

Almost two years after our most popular show to date, my Wife Mo is back! How does one manage a mixed (geek/normal) marriage? Can Scott and Mo agree on the fundamental laws of physics? Check out part one also and yes, we are still working on the book. Sigh.

I hope you enjoy the shows!

About Scott

Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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June 16, 2012 8:58
It's almost like havings a blog becomes a full time job..!
June 18, 2012 20:16
Man, Scott, you constantly amaze. How you find the time to do everything that you do is beyond me. Thanks for all your fascinating contributions.
June 19, 2012 2:41
I haven't even finished reading the article yet. I had no idea you wrote GlucoPilot! I LOVED that software. I too have been diabetic for 20 years. I have better control, but also long for a day off. Sometimes I take one. I just eat what I want and deal with it. I've gotten better about maintaing some level of sanity by taking my Novolog throughout the day.

While I admire your work as a developer, I appreciate the diabetes related stories even more. I want to be better at it, and too often let it run my life instead of just dealing with it. It's no different than needing to take a shower or brush my teeth. Doesn't make it easy 4+ times per day.
Keep it up, and thank you!
Richard Wollenberger
St. Louis, MO
June 22, 2012 0:18
Interesting, when did you switch from the old feed:

To the new feed:

According to Google Reader it was around Feb 10, 2012

Sadly I had the old feed running and when it went dark I assumed you were taking a break on podcasting.

The best part now is there are lot of interesting things to queue up for the summer!
June 23, 2012 4:33
John - Yes, there's over 360 shows now! ;) I've fixed that redirect. Looks like it was lost in the move I made to Razor and WebPages 2. It will 301 redirect now.

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