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HOT: Using an Ambient Orb to show continuous integration NAnt build status

April 08, 2004 Comment on this post [2] Posted in ASP.NET
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What a great idea.  I've heard of this before, but I didn't realize it was so easy and REST-ful.  Loren Halvorson shows that hooking up an Ambient Orb is just a matter of an HTTP GET call added to the build:

<get src=";color=12&amp;anim=0&amp;comment=build+succeeded" dest="out.html" failonerror="false"/>

Ambient Orb™ Stock Market Monitor

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April 09, 2004 0:52
Pretty neat.
I just read through some marketing material, and the Developer docs (single PDF), and it still isn't clear to me whether there is any kind of textual display. What is the "comment" parameter for?
April 09, 2004 16:54
I guess I was thinking that is was all based on proprietary software when I was reading about it. There could be a lot of neat uses for a device like that.

I am all but positive that there is no text display, only color.

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