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HTTP, HEAD, and Range Requests...

July 09, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services
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Venkat writes that he has a text file (CSV) containing over 50,000 URLs. “I want to run a program that will take this file as input and output a text file which contains only the valid URLs. Basically I need a URL/Link Validator that can perform this job.  I tried to put together a custom C# program to do this, but it takes several minutes just to do a hundred URL. Is there any program/code you are aware that can do this?”

I recommended a Range Retrieval Request, such as those used by GETRIGHT. 
GetRight uses a Range Retrieval Request, like this.  You can do this in .NET by just adding the name/values for Range to the Headers collection.  NOTE: The Server CAN (and many will) ignore this request.   If you get partial content, you won’t get an OK 200, you’ll get a 206 and the Content-Length will have the amount of data included. 

However, another fellow, more clever than myself wrote me to say that a HEAD (rather than a GET) should provide enough information - namely the headers - to determine page existance, without the trouble of the HTTP Body Content.  Good stuff!

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