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January 2008 PADNUG Meeting - Should you Fear MVC for ASP.NET?

January 08, 2008 Comment on this post [10] Posted in ASP.NET MVC | Speaking
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I'll be down at the Microsoft Portland Office this evening (and you should too!) giving a talk on the new ASP.NET MVC Framework for the Portland Area .NET Users Group. I hope you are able to join us! Thanks to Rich and Team for putting this together.

January PADNUG Meeting

Tuesday 01/08/2008
6:00pm Pizza
6:30pm Presentation

Microsoft Portland Office located in Lincoln Tower
10260 SW Greenburg Road
Suite 600
Portland, OR 97223

Should I Fear MVC for ASP.NET?
ASP.NET MVC provides model-view-controller (MVC) support to the existing ASP.NET 3.5 runtime, which enables developers to more easily take advantage of this design pattern. Benefits include the ability to achieve and maintain a clear separation of concerns, as well as facilitate test driven development (TDD). The ASP.NET MVC Toolkit provides HTML rendering helpers and dynamic data support for MVC.

If you would like to get a jump on things, download the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions from here.

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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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January 08, 2008 23:01
Be afraid, be very afraid.

Don't forget to download MVC Contrib for Windsor, Spring, StructureMap, and ObjectBuilder controller factories as well as Brail, nVelocity, Xslt, and nHaml view engines.
January 08, 2008 23:45
Thanks Bill, I'll show those tonight!
January 09, 2008 0:06
Any chance this talk is being video recorded? I think this topic is right online with a good majority of developers. Love to view if so.
January 09, 2008 0:35
YES! Please video tape if possible. Thanks!
January 09, 2008 0:46
I third the request :)
January 09, 2008 2:53
I fourth the request :). Please, please, please video tape it
January 10, 2008 21:38
An earlier notice would have helped. Some of us don't read the blog everyday. I also thought Padnug meetings occur during the last week of the month.
January 11, 2008 2:24
Sorry Abdu, they are usually the first Tuesday - but I'll try to post earlier. You could also add Rich Claussen's blog to your feeds, as he blogs all local developer events in Portland.
January 11, 2008 17:31
I assume you meant January *2008*, not 2007.
January 11, 2008 22:03
I currently have an MVC implementation in my applications where controllers fill IViews. I have seen these MVC presentations a couple of times but can't find a reason to switch to the one presented. It seems you have to write a lot more code and take care of postbacks quit a bit yourself. In a pure MVC implementation it would not matter whether the presentation of the view is done on a web page or winforms. The simple editing of grid line items just seems to become difficult with this MS implementation or may be I am missing something or need to see a more complete real world example before the my light bulb lights up. You mentioned that this would be used by 10-15% of the people. I think the message should be that everyone should try to implement MVC because it is better way to structure code especially for large projects. You could also have another implementation of MVC where programmers would not drastically have to change the way they work with current applications.

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