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Keynote - Don Box and Chris Anderson, Jim Alchin

October 27, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in XML
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* They've built a Winforms app and rotated the whole UI 10 degrees to the right with a single XML attribute.
* They've added Opacity to all color reference, like FF66FF could become 44FF66FF and 44 is the level of opacity  (or inversely, transparancy).  The rendering is done on the GPU directly, using minimal CPU.

Alchin is back out:

* Storage is a challenge and limited by the folder heirarchy. 
* There is no Logical vs. Physical on disk.  You have to physically rearrange your files to get a different view.
* Don has asked Jim why VP's don't write code, and would Jim be his "code monkey"
* Jim is writing the code in VI.  Apparently noone remembers EDLIN. :)
* They are bantering and commented that Don called a variable "Bob".  Jim prefrrs Hungarian, but says now that Charles (the Hungarian) doesn't work for the company, maybe now we can choose our own variable names.
* Jim is a hunt and peck typist, but is a great sport and not doing a bad job at all.
* They are calling the Avalon command dialog and querying WinFS to search for documents that relate to the selected contact.
* They are really spending some serious time writing code.  Very cool.  Developers, developers, developers isn't just a catch phrase.
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