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Lifecycle Support for Classic ASP in Windows

November 22, 2005 Comment on this post [2] Posted in ASP.NET | Tools
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Here's some interesting news from ScottGu and team. I was wondering what the lifecycle for ASP "Classic" was. I looked on the Microsoft Lifecycle page and didn't see it. I was fortunate enough to talk to ScottGu as well as Rich Ersek and was told:

Classic ASP is actually very much alive.  It will ship again with Windows Vista and Windows Longhorn Server – so will be supported at least 10 years from that ship date. - ScottGu


Asp.DLL is part of VISTA so the runtime will continue to be supported based on the Vista support lifecycle.

All classic ASP development tools (i.e., Visual Interdev) are now in their extended support period and we will not be updating tools for classic ASP.   

To get the best tooling/platform option ASP.NET is the way to go. - RichE

Certainly we can all agree that ASP.NET is the present and the future, but it's very comforting to know that Classic ASP is a part of Vista and the Vista Lifecycle. The tools are in extended support but the 'runtime' is still alive and kicking.

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November 22, 2005 16:59
Right... just like VB Classic is. Not sure why no-one is making such a stink about ASP Classic? Is it just that folks like to dump all over VB?
December 05, 2005 22:07
Well the company I used to work for has built an entire web API using ASP classic. It is quite unique. Almost entirely XSLT. In many ways they built much of the functionality now available in .Net with XSLT.

They are only now beginning to transition to ASP.Net. But with the whole app and years of development behind the site it will be a long process of change.

check it out if you want:

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