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Lutz Roeder's C# XML Documenter lives on in Travis Illig's CodeRush Plugin "CR_Documentor"

December 22, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in ASP.NET | XML | CodeRush | Tools
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CR_Documentor_smTravis has rev'ed CR_Documentor to including these new features:

  • Has been updated for NDoc 1.3 tags
  • Provides the option for what level of "tag compatibility" to follow (Microsoft tags only or NDoc 1.3)
  • Provides the option for how to handle "unrecognized" tags
  • Has updated styles to match NDoc 1.3
  • Has been updated to work with CodeRush 1.1.6 / DXCore 1.1.8 or higher

If you're not familiar with this project, Travis talked to Lutz and informally "took over" the applet originally know as Documentor that let a developer see what the compiled results of XML Documentation comment would look like.  Travis has since extended documented and made it into a CodeRush plugin that runs in a toolwindow within Visual Studio. It will let you see a preview in realtime as you type of your comments.

If you are trying to do extensive C# doc or if you use NDoc, this is a great tool for you. Thanks Travis!

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