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Maxivista Undocumented Registry Tweaks

October 17, 2005 Comment on this post [4] Posted in NDoc
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Mv2_registry_tweakBy now, you know I love Maxivista (Buy it here). I use it on a TabletPC, turning my Tablet into a 3rd monitor, using only software drivers and the network.

Here's some (as of yet) undocumented registry hacks from a Maxivista Insider:

MaxiVista adds two registry entries of note, specifically "fps" and "checktime" to the following registry key:

My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MaxiVista\A2\(YourUserName)

Checktime determines the time interval when new picture updates are being sent. Smaller values, increase the responsiveness of the viewer screen for the cost of higher CPU load and presumably more network traffic. If the mouse cursor is laggy then users should play around with this setting. Ordinarily I don't notice the difference between my machine's attached monitors, but if you do, try this switch to speed up the refresh a bit.

Recommended value range: 5..20ms (default: 20ms)

Determines the maximum frame rate per second. Decreasing this value reduces the network load. May be useful for slow wireless network connections. Sometimes I use Maxivista over wireless and lowering to 20 fps definitely takes the load off an 11Mbs network, while still keeping the monitor totally usable.

Recommended value range: 20..33 fps (default: 33fps)

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October 17, 2005 19:18
I only have one monitor so I can't really test this, but how does this compare to products like and ?
October 17, 2005 19:31
Ultramon is a multimon UTILITY. I use it along with Maxivista. Ultramon adds a second taskbar, better wallpaper handling.

Synergy is a software KVM.

Maxivista literally is a "software video card," in that you can tell Windows you have another monitor, then use an extra machine or laptop as a second monitor.
October 21, 2005 12:38
AFAIK Synergy is a bit limited. It is not usable with screens having different DPI.
For example, I have a compaq nx7010 laptop with with larger resolution than my two 1600x1200 LCDs yet the screen is almost 20% smaller. And Synergy doesn't support different DPIs thus cursor entrance to screen is not that one would like :-)
January 09, 2006 17:47
By the way: Maxivista includes the full Synergy featureset as a side dish in their Pro Edition:


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