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Microsoft SPOT or MSN Direct or Microsoft Wrist Net

November 16, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in PDC
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One day this watch will finally come out and I will behappy.  Seems like so many different technologies get promoted by Microsoft and some really great ones get lost in the fray.  Remember Microsoft Ultimate TV?  It was a BETTER Tivo and it could record TWO SHOWS AT ONCE WITH TWO SEPARATE TUNERS.  I got the feeling it died because Microsoft let it die...rather that on any technical merit. 

I'm afraid now that SPOT will die due to lack of interest and a slipping schedule.  I4U is reporting that the Fossil SPOT (Microsoft Wrist.NET) watch won't ship until 2004, and the Suunto watch won't ship until 1/2004(They've got a nice gallery of all current SPOT watches up.)

It's a brilliant idea though...multicast data on empty FM radio bandwidth to watches identified basically by GUIDs.  No private data, just weather and traffic, but also calendars, email and IMs.  An information receiver on your wrist using an existing and proven information transmission medium.  FM Radio.  Brilliant.

But when I can buy it?

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November 17, 2003 19:04
The *real* reasons UltimateTV died:

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