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More on declarative UIs and XML for GUI Markup

November 01, 2003 Comment on this post [1] Posted in Longhorn | ASP.NET | XML | Tools
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A good article discussing the various specs “competing” with XAML up at WebStandards.

For more comparisons of XML GUI languages, see DonXML's comparison of XAML and SVG-RCC, and Neil Deakin's point-by-point comparison of XAML and XUL.

The three XML GUI languages above represent only a fraction of those available. Others include XWT, Java GUI Builder, Glade for the GTK+ toolkit used in the GNOME desktop, XML GUI Builder for the KDE Desktop, Laszlo Systems' XML-and-ECMAScript Flash authoring software, Macromedia's Royale Initiative and Kinesis Software's Kinetic Fusion, a Java application that converts Rich Vector Markup Languag, Kinesis' own XML-based vector graphics format, into SVG or Flash and back. []

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November 02, 2003 0:02
Great stuff. I can't wait for XAML. Hey, I know you're reading this on your Blackberry. Can you give me a call or an IM? - Carl

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