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Mounting an ISO Disc Image under Windows Vista RC2 and updated Vista Tools

October 13, 2006 Comment on this post [1] Posted in Tools
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I installed a fresh Windows Vista RC2 install, rather than upgrading from RC1, and I wanted to try installing a bunch of stuff like Visual Studio 2005 from ISO images, rather than from DVD media. Robert McLaws recommended Magic ISO Maker, a free tool for mounting ISOs, for earlier builds of Vista.

However, version 4.0.6 of Daemon Tools claims full Vista Support for mounting ISOs, and I love me some Daemon Tools, so I ended up trying to use them under RC2. However, I got a warning for Daemon tools under RC2, so I tried Virtual Clone Drive and it worked great. It associated itself with .ISO files, so installing Visual Studio was just as easy as double-clicking the ISO - it auto-assigned the Drive Letter and started the process. I assume Daemon will get up to date in a few days.

Aside: I only wish Iomega would get their sh*t together. My Rev Drive is still a doorstop under Vista RC2. In fact, it's the ONLY piece of hardware I have that isn't working properly under this new build.

There's a great (and expanding) list of software that is compatible with Vista RC2 here. Here's a few good ones to know:


Drive Mounters


There's many more of your updated favorites, so check the list out.

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October 15, 2006 6:07
Magic ISO also works for RC2 for burning disks - it won't let you burn large DVDs on the trial but the real thing works well so far.

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