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New Developer Blog built on Outlook2RSS and ASP

February 17, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services
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Outlook2RSS UPDATE: Looks like my Outlook2RSS actually is useful!  Jorge Curioso has built a blog using Outlook2RSS (Which he updated with some Regular Expressions to strip out unwanted tags like HTML and BODY) and ASP.  This is kind of the poor man's inverse of Ingo's Outblog as it's a command-line application that runs as a scheduler task and extracts MailItems or PostItems from Outlook Folders or Public Folders.

Jorge's new blog built on ASP and Outlook2RSS supports these kinds of URLs:

Main Site:
By Post:
By Date:

He also points out that this blog is "fully proof-of-concept and prototype in nature." 

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