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New Technology Podcast - RunAs Radio with Greg Hughes and Richard Campbell

April 12, 2007 Comment on this post [1] Posted in Podcast
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Happy 40th Birthday to Greg Hughes.

To celebrate his birthday, go checkout his new Podcast with Richard Campbell called RunAs Radio.

As with all Pwop shows, the audio quality will be excellent. Richard says:

I did get a fancy new recording rig to make all this work. My broadcast mike plugs into a MOTU Traveller that uses Firewire into Terrance, my 4960x1600 x64 XP beast. Also plugged into the MOTU is a Telos ONE+ONE for capture two telephone lines: one for Greg, and one for the guest. So I record my channel, Greg's phone track and the guest. Greg also does a local recording of himself (maximum quality, of course) and then all that is combined to make a show.

And Greg used my Samson Mic, Stand and Spit Pop Filter. Greg says:

It's a weekly IT podcast with a Microsoft technologies focus. Richard and I will discuss all sorts of relevant topics with a variety of smart and interesting people.

I have a great deal of respect for both Greg and Richard. They are both deeply technical and well-versed on a huge number of topics that the IT community cares about, and Greg also has a very strong security focus as our Chief Security Executive here at Corillian. I'll definitely be listening to this show on my drive home.

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April 12, 2007 9:04
Thanks for loaning me the mic. I bought one just like it with a shock mount and a table stand. Just need to find someone with the pop filter in stock now!

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