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Outlook2RSS v0.4 with support for Images

February 19, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services | Tools
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Jorge Curioso and I have updated Outlook2RSS (download here) (modified from Peter Drayton's Google2RSS) to include additional features in RSS 0.93 as well as support for Inline Images and Attachments from within Outlook!  This means, you can include inline images from within Outlook and with a little magic (very little) we will deal with all the Outlook cid://ABCE32432 crazy URLs and munge the content appropriately.  The images will be extracted from Outlook into the same directory as the RSS feed with the external URLs automatically added.

Jorge is happily running his blog with Outlook2RSS and has added a "Publish Blog" tool to his standard Outlook Toolbar.  You too can have you own blog from Outlook...just create RSS from a private or public Outlook folder and style to taste.

Next step, make it an's a thought - Greg, how about using this code to implement an "Export to RSS" feature in NewsGator so we can both aggregate feeds and publish feeds from any Outlook Folder?  You've got all the infrastructure already...I'd like to have it run on the same schedule, and it'd only be one extra tab...;)

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