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Moving from Radio to DasBlog, DNS, Redirects, Permalinks and Radio "Stories"...

September 18, 2003 Comment on this post [2] Posted in Web Services | DasBlog | Javascript | XML | Tools
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I gotta say, I'm really impressed with DasBlog.  Particularly the upgrade/moveover from Radio Userland.  It's really nice.  It's been a crazy week:

  • My email at was down since I left for ASPLive!  I wasn't even aware until I got back.  This includes all my relatives mail (really, who among us ISN'T the IT director for the entire family?)
  • I switched all my domains over to  Damn they are cool.  Their support is totally TOP NOTCH. 

At Stephen Forte's (and others) urging, I moved from Radio to DasBlog (no doubt there will be some cleanup and misc goo, but still).  It will be nice to be able to post from anywhere - not just my laptop!

  • I moved all my Radio articles into DasBlog with the importer tool...very slick.  Dump the resulting XML into the Content folder and you're in.
  • I added (thanks Clemens!) this META tag to Radio and re-rendered all the pages on my site for the last year.  This will redirect all visitors to the new site.  There is also some associated javascript that will bring their original referrer (Google, etc) along for the ride.
    • <meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="2; URL=<%radio.weblog.getUrl()+path%>">
  • I imported my blogroll from NewsGator.  Had a little trouble with case-sensitivity re: xmlurl and xmlUrl.  Some manual editing did the trick; no need for XSLT (yet).
  • I modified the blogrolling display code to trim long titles and append "..."
  • DasBlog doesn't handle the concept of "Stories" from Radio, which are basically really long posts that get their own non-dated link.  Clemens suggested that I come up with a plan and add it to the GotDotNet workspace for DasBlog, but I don't have the time this instant.  Instead, I did this clever thing:
    • Added this URL rewrite info to the web.config:
      <add matchExpression="(?&lt;basedir&gt;.*?)/fromradio\.ashx\?external_referrer=(?&lt;ext&gt;.*)&amp;url=http\://radio\.weblogs\.com/0106747/stories/(?&lt;year&gt;\d+)/(?&lt;month&gt;\d+)/(?&lt;day&gt;\d+)/(?&lt;page&gt;.*)" mapTo="{basedir}/default_nocache.aspx?external_referrer={ext}&amp;test={page}" />
    • I couldn't find the xml versions of the stories (anyone?) I copied the rendered stories tree from Radio into blog/content/radioStories/.  Basically, if someone visits a story on my current Radio site, they'll be redirected to the same rendered (static) story inside DasBlog.

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September 18, 2003 11:16
Congrats! Thanks for the info. I'm considering jumping ship from Radio when my license expires in a couple of months. I have two issues with DasBlog, though:

1. I hate the GUIDs in the URLs! I much prefer Radio's URL convention, and Movable Type's is even better (because it's user-configurable).

2. I can't read them in my aggregator (nntp//rss), because it doesn't support xhtml:body (I know, that's a problem with my aggregator, not DasBlog ;-)

I've recently been administering a Movable Type weblog for some friends(, and I'm very impressed with it.
September 18, 2003 11:57
I totally agree with the IT Director for the whole family bit.. :P

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