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10/20/2020 Don't ever break a URL if you can help it
07/09/2019 Dealing with Application Base URLs and Razor link generation while hosting ASP.NET web apps behind Reverse Proxies
07/02/2019 Real World Cloud Migrations: Moving a 17 year old series of sites from bare metal to Azure
06/27/2019 Git is case-sensitive and your filesystem may not be - Weird folder merging on Windows
03/18/2009 Microsoft Web Platform, Web Application Gallery, Web Platform Installer (and DasBlog)
12/02/2008 Best Code Syntax Highlighter for Snippets in your Blog
04/30/2008 The Weekly Source Code 25 - OpenID Edition
08/16/2007 dasBlog 2.0 Released
08/13/2007 Preventing Comment, Trackback and Referral Spam in dasBlog
08/12/2007 Coming Tuesday - dasBlog 2.0 and Medium Trust
08/07/2007 32bitness and 64bitness and migrating DasBlog on IIS7 and ASP.NET under Vista64
07/11/2007 SVN RELOCATE: SourceForge moves Subversion URLS - Will the fun ever start?
07/09/2007 Home Page, Category, and Item Paging in DasBlog
07/04/2007 DasBlog2 Theme Contest
06/26/2007 DasBlog 1.9.7 Release - Final ASP.NET 1.1 Version
06/04/2007 DasBlog June 2007 Release
05/31/2007 Windows Live Writer Beta 2 - DasBlog and the Customization API
04/11/2007 Blogging to DasBlog from Word 2007
02/17/2007 Adding a Timeline to DasBlog with the SIMILE Timeline Library
01/05/2007 Complete DasBlog Macro Documentation
11/30/2006 CardSpace/InfoCard for .NET 1.1
10/17/2006 Ohloh? Oo la la - Open Source Project Analysis
10/08/2006 Adding FeedBurner FeedFlare to DasBlog
10/08/2006 Monetizing your Blog
09/22/2006 DasBlog 1.9 Released
09/08/2006 Active ASP.NET Blogging Engines
09/05/2006 Microsummaries - Über Simple Syndication
08/29/2006 Making DasBlog work on Mobile Devices
08/22/2006 Google Sitemaps
08/13/2006 Windows Live Writer and DasBlog 1.9
08/03/2006 Upcoming DasBlog 1.9
08/02/2006 Example: How to contribute a patch to an Open Source Project like DasBlog
07/30/2006 Sandcastle - Microsoft CTP of a Help CHM file generator on the tails of the death of NDoc
07/21/2006 Review: Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS
06/25/2006 DotNetKicks Flare for FeedBurner and DasBlog
06/09/2006 TechEd 2006 Approaches
05/24/2006 IE 7, Office 2007, RSS and the Feed Protocol
05/23/2006 Thanks No
05/12/2006 Forcing an update of a cached JavaScript file in IIS
04/27/2006 DasBlog moved from CVS to SVN
04/25/2006 Open Source versus Source Out in the Open
03/23/2006 Is Open Source a Crap Idea?
03/20/2006 Team Hanselman and Diabetes Walk 2006
02/22/2006 INETA ASP.NET Canada Roadshow
02/14/2006 CoComment Support for DasBlog
02/02/2006 James Snape sniped by Microsoft
01/30/2006 GlucoPilot for the Palm - Open Sourced?
01/29/2006 Updated January 2006 Blogroll
01/25/2006 Maintaining PermaLinks when moving from .Text to DasBlog
01/23/2006 Flickr and DasBlog and geo-tagging and EXIF and on and on and on
01/23/2006 OnTurning0x20AndLookingBackArt2005
01/13/2006 Feed Auto Discovery
12/26/2005 My Year In Blogging - 2005
12/18/2005 Blogging with the Logitech Pen
12/09/2005 DasBlog Community Building and Documentation
11/24/2005 DevRadio Podcast featuring Omar Shahine and I on DasBlog
11/19/2005 The FreeMiniMac has arrived and will the fun ever start?
11/18/2005 Google Analytics - It doesn't suck
11/15/2005 - Review of DasBlog
11/05/2005 Caching in ASP.NET - VaryByParam may need VaryByHeader
10/31/2005 Offline Blogging packages that are compatible with DasBlog
10/20/2005 Permanent Redirects with HTTP 301
10/05/2005 The Submit button on ASP.NET pages does not work after .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 (works in FireFox, not in IE)
10/04/2005 ACTION REQUIRED: DasBlog Alert! Referral BlackList has changed!
09/23/2005 Migrating Content from Random Blogs to DasBlog
09/19/2005 Syndicating ComputerZen
09/13/2005 Mono and the PDC BoF
09/10/2005 Can I get a Free Mac?
09/09/2005 ThreadAbortException woes
09/07/2005 DasBlog - Nestings Blog
08/11/2005 DasBlog 1.8 Gold
08/09/2005 DasBlog Gold release soon...SourceForge CVS is down
08/03/2005 WatirMaker Version 0.01 Source
07/30/2005 DasBlog 1.8 RC1
07/27/2005 DasBlog 1.8 will/does produce Atom 1.0 valid documents
07/19/2005 Adding Custom UserControls to DasBlog
07/12/2005 New FormsAuthentication.SignOut behavior in ASP.NET 2.0
07/10/2005 Symantec Client Firewall is Psycho
07/06/2005 Call for DasBlog Theme Designers
07/03/2005 A few dasBlog changes coming tonight
06/30/2005 Enabling the Security Tab on Windows XP File Properties
06/27/2005 The GrokTalks are Up - PodCast Them
06/20/2005 Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List
06/18/2005 Using a Windows version of GNU Patch.exe with CVS and Diff Files
06/17/2005 DasBlog Gripes?
06/05/2005 Update on the dasBlog Turkish-I bug and a reminder to me on Globalization
05/31/2005 DasBlog Usability Alert: Template Changes to enable Turkish Users
05/27/2005 Upgrading FreeTextBox on dasBlog without Recompiling
05/10/2005 Folks switching to DasBlog
04/08/2005 CVS and Subversion vs. VSS/SourceSafe
03/30/2005 Zipping/Compressing ViewState in ASP.NET
03/22/2005 Enabling Evil - Tunnelling Xml within Xml using the XmlSerializer and some Magic
03/20/2005 Separating a Web Service's Implementation from the ASMX File
03/08/2005 DasBlog 1.7 and Free Text Box
01/30/2005 Work continues on dasBlog...
01/26/2005 BUG?: Can't use an Asterisk (*) as a character when requesting a URL (page) from ASP.NET
01/22/2005 The Charity Auction has Begun: Bid on an Hour of .NET Consulting Time to help Banda Aceh
01/19/2005 Buy an hour of consulting time and help the Tsunami Victums of Banda Aceh
01/19/2005 Is it case-senstive? No seriously, check and check again. Are URLs Case Sensitive?
01/18/2005 newtelligence dasBlog Community Edition 1.7.5016.1 RELEASED!
01/17/2005 Another dasBlog Slashdot, this time Greg Hughes' CopsOnTop Charity...audioblogging in Kilimanjaro
01/01/2005 More dasBlog 1.7 changes coming soon
12/18/2004 ASP.NET Performance Tuning - Making dasBlog faster...
12/12/2004 Changes to dasBlog - Watch for Weirdness
12/04/2004 Target: Referral Spam in dasBlog
11/11/2004 A potential CAPTCHA Comment Spam Solution for dasBlog (and others) with no recompile or code changes
11/10/2004 CommentSpam: It has begun, next steps?
10/02/2004 Books that are better the second time around...
09/15/2004 Getting the little RSS Orange Badge to show up in the Status Bar on Firefox 1.0
09/11/2004 I slashdotted Greg, our IT Manager. dasBlog again is holding up.
07/01/2004 Mono 1.0 was just released
06/17/2004 RSS Feed to dasBlog Content Converter
06/10/2004 .NET and Mono: The Libraries, the Framework and the Very Big Fish
06/09/2004 Scaling/Resizing/Resampling an Image in ASP.NET
06/03/2004 - Episodes you may have missed...
06/01/2004 A reminder on "Three/Multi Tier/Layer Architecture/Design" brought to you by my late night frustrations.
05/22/2004 dasMonthView - dasBlog now includes a complete Year View...and I'm spent.
05/22/2004 New dasBlog Calendar View
05/21/2004 RipDigital - another idea I should have thought of.
05/20/2004 Weird...first time my blog's been down, well, ever...
05/07/2004 Upgraded to dasBlog 1.6
04/14/2004 More Magic in Morocco at the NDC
03/14/2004 NDC: North African Developer's Conference is upon us...
03/02/2004 Clemens got Slashdotted, site not quite holding up?
01/17/2004 New York City .NET Users Group and the Cold
01/12/2004 Slashdot Traffic, Site Statistics and dasBlog Performance
01/10/2004 Added Search to my Blog, PLUS Highlighting
10/28/2003 PDC - End of Day 1, or beginning of Day 2?
10/25/2003 Finishing what was Quite A Day to start what we will be Quite A Week
09/22/2003 Internationalization/Globalization and ASP.NET Brainstorming at 1:05am
09/19/2003 Bring all my Radio UserLand comments over to dasBlog
09/18/2003 Importing existing Radio Comments into dasBlog
09/18/2003 Moving from Radio to DasBlog, DNS, Redirects, Permalinks and Radio "Stories"...
09/16/2003 Switching [all] Providers...
08/23/2003 Malaysia - Day -2 wrapping up

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