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Slashdot Traffic, Site Statistics and dasBlog Performance

January 12, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in ASP.NET | DasBlog
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I was talking with Omar today and he wanted to see some traffic details posted from the day I was Slashdotted.  Some folks didn't think that dasBlog was up for the test.  Frankly I was surprised that the traffic was so low!  Seems like everyone's site tips over when they get Slashdotted.  I'm just running the standard shared hosting plan at OrcsWeb.  Even during the height of it I was still running around in the admin interface without a burp.  I was getting quick page views and hadn't even turned HttpCompression on yet.  Note, this is just page views, not every Http GET (don't want to count gifs, etc) or Aggregator Traffic.

Date Views
Sun Dec 21st, 2003 1,751
Mon Dec 22nd, 2003 12,928
Tues Dec 23rd, 2003 4,227

It doesn't seem like that much traffic to me.  I transfered 1.54GB that day.

Then again, I only get about ~2,000 page views a day; most of my traffic is Aggregator traffic.  Monday's have typically been my biggest days.

Why did dasBlog make it and others fail?  Maybe this says something about the average web site on the net? Or the average hardware?  Or .NET? 

Or maybe it's just that with the proliferation of Blogs out there, more people get there news from the set of all sites that are NOT Slashdot?

What do you think? 

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