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RELEASED - Download Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

February 26, 2013 Comment on this post [58] Posted in ASP.NET | HTML5 | Win7
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IE10 for Windows 7Just about a month ago the IEBlog published a post to allow business to manage the update schedule for Internet Explorer 10. It says "this approach lets organizations control when they are ready to deploy IE10 to their Windows 7 users." I took from this that IE10 on Windows 7 was imminent.

Today it's out. You can download IE10 for Windows 7 now. The details are over at the IE blog.

In the next few weeks and months Windows 7 machines will get automatically upgraded to IE10. For Web Developers like me, that means that between Windows 8 which already has IE10 and all these Windows 7 users who will now have IE10, that more people will have a modern browser than ever before.

IE10 was faster on my machine than IE9, and they say it is smarter about battery life. It also has IE10's upgraded JavaScript engine and includes spell check with auto-correct (finally!). Benchmarks are benchmarks but SunSpider implies about 40% faster than IE9, while PeaceKeeper looks like 25%. The V8 benchmark looks more like 100% faster. Point is, it's faster. How much faster? Depends on who you ask. Your mileage and machines will vary.

Once you've upgraded to IE10, go check out some of these sites. Be sure to view the source!

  • - Robert Kirkman from Image Comics (You know him from The Walking Dead) also has a great comic I get each month on Comixology called Thief of Thieves.
    • This new site for Thief of Thieves not only has some great art (lots of SVG!) but also is a good example of using touch and the W3C Pointer Events standard. According to the IE blog, it also uses:
      • CSS3 animations for some of the larger scene transitions on the site
      • MSGesture API for handling more advanced pointer interactions like the safe cracking exercise
      • pageVisibility API to detect when an open page isn’t being actively used so we can control audio appropriately
      • setImmediate API to improve performance and power consumption on tablet devices. SetImmediate, like setInterval and setTimeout, is a timing API and requests the CPU to process the instruction as soon as it’s possible to.
  • Atari Arcade - Lots of classic Atari games, remade using HTML5 and Touch on the web.
  • Pulse - Very cool news aggregator done entirely in HTML5 with support for swipes and multi-finger gestures. Also works nice on mobile phones with responsive design.
  • Contre Jour - The 2011 iPad game of the year is now written in HTML5/JavaScript and CSS3. It works really well on touch systems like my Ultrabook. This originally came out in October but they've just added 20 new levels and it's free!



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February 26, 2013 18:33
The download link doesn't seem to work, I've tried it from IE9 and Chrome and it doesn't do anything. Anyone else have any luck?
February 26, 2013 18:41
Bob - refresh and try now?
February 26, 2013 18:43
Is it possible to install alongside IE9 for testing purposes?
February 26, 2013 18:44
That worked - thanks! I'm really glad that Microsoft released this for W7!
February 26, 2013 18:57
@Rik - You can't install them side-by-side, unfortunately. There are some great tools to help test, though, if you only have a single machine. Check out and there's a 3 month trial where you can try BrowserStack, which is an on-demand browser test tool, all online. It lets you spin up lots of combinations of browser/OS and there's even an API for it. Microsoft also offers free (yes, free) VMs that include the different IE versions that you can use to test your sites with, which is pretty handy. That's also at the, specifically here:
February 26, 2013 19:19
The link is not working for me either, tried several browsers and no luck link just refreshes page.
February 26, 2013 19:22
Giancarlo, I updated it to
February 26, 2013 19:26
Thanks Scott!!! Now lets just force the update on the world TODAY!!!!!
February 26, 2013 21:11
I wish the IE team would improve the debug tools. They are vastly inferior to those in Chrome.

I also wish IE would move to an agile, incremental release strategy like every other browser. To placate nervous businesses, just have "long-term support" releases (as Firefox does).
February 26, 2013 21:16
Sam - what deficiencies do you see in the F12 tools? I switch between them and chrome and they are very similar.
February 26, 2013 21:18
Scott - the problem with IE tools is this: We need to support IE8, and when we get an IE8-only bug, we can only use IE8 dev tools - which aren't very helpful.
February 26, 2013 21:20
Improvements that could be made:
- Source map support

- Better way to explore objects in the JS console. (See how Chrome has collapsible nodes and can handle nested objects.)

- Better way to log objects. (See how Chrome's console.log() behaves, it allows you to explore the object, printing "[object Object]" is entirely useless.)

- Better JS console user interface (I hate the behavior of it, why is there a single line and multi line mode? It should just *work*. I don't want to think about how I'm supposed to use it. Horrible UX design.)

- Thinner header (3 lines of stuff before you get to the content of the debug tools?)

- Ability to break on DOM modification of specific elements (ala Chrome).

- "Refresh page to see messages that may have occurred"/Start capturing network traffic. Why does this all need to be explicit? I should just turn on "developer mode" in some setting somewhere and it should capture/log all this by default.

- Ability to see applied vs defined styles and how styles are overriding each other.

I posted this list on IE team blog as well.
February 26, 2013 21:25
That's great news, Scott! This will help many users see the web world much clearer.

My only biggest ever desire is fix for blurry fonts in IE10, the only thing stopping me from using IE more often...

Here is this problem's thread:
February 26, 2013 22:04
Just tested the new IE10 and spotted the following so far:
1. Unable to support CSS3 rotation.
2. Unable to support CSS1 square bullet.
3. Compatible mode seemed to be worse than IE9 (it could have been rolled back to IE8).

Test Page:
February 26, 2013 22:08
Bummer, VS 2008 isn't exiting debug mode when I close IE10. Been poking around looking for a fix but can't seem to find anything. :(
February 26, 2013 22:48
It great to know that IE10 has been release for Win7 but in Windows 8 IE10 is not posting data in AJAX. I also tried for Contact Manager Web API but is also not working. then i found this.

Is there any fix? my client is eating me.
February 26, 2013 23:56
What about the folks still on Vista? I bought my laptop in 2008, pre-installed with Vista Home premium.
February 27, 2013 2:29

I don't think anybody cares about Vista any more. Visual Studio 2012 doesn't run on Vista, and the recently released C++ REST SDK supports:

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 7

  • ... wait for it...

  • Linux

Why they bothered making it cross platform and support Windows 7 but not support the architecturally-somewhat-similar Windows Vista is beyond me. (And does Windows XP lack a socket library or something?)

But going with what I said at the start, if nobody cared about Vista it's not a problem.

Maybe you should upgrade to Linux? It seems like Microsoft provides more support for it than Vista (see above).
February 27, 2013 3:03
How far down the Internet Explorer chain is considered good practice to support in current apps?
February 27, 2013 5:04
@Wojtek: the fact that you posted that as a complaint in an IE10 release announcement is, well, hilarious
February 27, 2013 6:32
I will have to say here, as web developers who have to support IEx and greater - not being able to run multiple versions at same time is a real PITA.

Here is the story: 'oh cool, a new IE 10 is out of Windows 7... oh wait, I am a developer supporting IE9, IE8, IE blah blah - guess I'll pass till the customer says 'we have to support it'

(Last time I used IE10 on Windows 8, it wouldn't scroll down the full page of 2 out of the 3 sites I went to, so I installed Chrome).

February 27, 2013 6:37
"@Rik - You can't install them side-by-side, unfortunately. There are some great tools to help test, though, if you only have a single machine. Check out and there's a 3 month trial where you can try BrowserStack, which is an on-demand browser test tool, all online. It lets you spin up lots of combinations of browser/OS and there's even an API for it. Microsoft also offers free (yes, free) VMs that include the different IE versions that you can use to test your sites with, which is pretty handy. That's also at the, specifically here:
Ryan Hayes"

to run VM's every time you have to test a localhost web app for IE9, 8, 7 is a PITA. It's not dev friendly.

to offer a '3 month trial' as a substitute, I must say, BrowserStack is very ambitious and knows how to capitalize on a real lacking effort by MS to provide devs with real tools to handle all the work arounds needed to built applications on the mess left behind with IE6, 7, 8 - now we get to deal with IE10, scared thinking about that one
February 27, 2013 7:02
Hi Scott,

I'm a multi-browser user depending on the tasks I'm performing. Win 7 x64 system at home. IE is still the default system web browser. I use the latest public Firefox browser due to the particular Add-on's I run to help with technicals/blogging work. I also run ChromeDev when I have some compatibility issues with some sites. I don't really do Safari other than have it available for comparative purposes.

Anyway, was running IE9 on my Win7 system and have played with IE10 in a Win8 VM and found it pretty nice and snappy.

So when I saw all the news about IE 10 for Win7 release I jumped on it.

Followed the Exploring IE Blog notice to the download IE10 link provided which turns out to be a "beautyoftheweb" MS website.

(Note the IEBlog Site Home release notice post points instead to a different location download today "" for the download source.)

From there I downloaded the offered IE10 installer file (IE10-Windows6.1-en-us.exe w/o Bing options) and ran it.

Installed and rebooted with no issues and I was up running on IE 10. Hurray!

Of course, being a geeky dude, for kicks and grins I re-ran my Windows Updates and lo and behold three post IE 10 upgrade patches were offered:

Update #1 was "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2792100)"

Update #2 was "Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems"

Update #3 was "Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 Release Candidate for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2797052)"

Reboot. Re-check. No more updates.

A version check shows IE version 10.0.9200.1651 (RTM KB27189695)

Now I know this isn't a forum for complaining about IE-10 or Windows Updating but here are my observations.

1) The IE 10 upgrade for Win 7 binary version I got and applied from the "beautyoftheweb" site download link turns out to have been file version 10.0.9200.16438. Is that important? I don't know.

2) The IE 10 upgrade for Win 7 binary version I downloaded from the "" site download link turns out to have been file version 10.00.9200.16521. Is that a more important/newer IE 10 for Win 7 file? I don't know. The version number is larger.

3) I haven't seen any encouragement in any of the posts (so far) touting the go-and-get-it-now installation of IE 10 instructing "early adopters" to please check for post-install Windows Updates to make sure any new patches are applied to the system for security. While I am really, really sure that 100% of Windows users already took MS's advice and have their systems configured for "automatic check/apply/updates", just in case it would be good to do. I found three. Just saying it might be good to include in posts...

4) If I did download the IE 10 for Win 7 final release installer file (which I may not have actually succeeded in doing) what was with the three updates; one being titled "Release Preview", one being "Release Candidate" and the third being "IE 1o for Win 7 x64-based systems"?

Shouldn't I have gotten a fully updated and patched IE 10 for Win 7 binary package right of the bat?

Again, I'm not complaining (I promise) but it seems like there is inconsistency between some (or more) IE 10 for Win 7 posts pointing to the correct installer binary and this may lead to confusion for users, and maybe them not actually getting the "final" release version fo IE 10 for Win 7.

And to check for patches afterwards...just in case.

Just sayin...

Now to take it for a spin around the block with the links you provided....


Claus V.
February 27, 2013 7:20
...and I just noticed your updated IE 10 for Win 7 download link takes us to a third download binary.

It appears to be the "full" installer file (rather than one of the web-based "online" installer files I mentioned.

I like your link best...wish I had seen it's definitely the biggest binary I've seen so far!

Problem still stands as of lots of posts for "Get IE 10 for Win 7" pointing to different MS download sources without consistency of binaries.


Claus V.
February 27, 2013 9:43
Is it true that 10 doesnt support silverlight? We have a number of silverlight apps in production where I work that if it automatically loads 10 and removes 9, then production systems will stop working.
February 27, 2013 15:58
O.K Great but, this problem with VS 2010 SP1 still exists !!!!

Attaching the Script debugger to process '[592] iexplore.exe' on machine '037F02X825033C4' failed. A debugger is already attached.

What is the solution for this one ????
February 27, 2013 18:26
Rick, Silverlight works just fine in IE10.
February 27, 2013 19:31
Blue Screens my laptop navigating certain sites. Reason is page faults.
February 28, 2013 0:53
The first link you gave is PREVIEW VERSION!!! (At least when I go there with win7 Polish edition).When I go to IETestdrive and choose AudioExplosion demo it tells me that I don't have browser supporting MSGesture APIs, Pointer Events... When I click learn more it takes me to browser update page and when I click update it tells me that I currently have newer version. LOL Microsoft. That is pathetic. And I'm saying this being MS fanboy.
February 28, 2013 7:56
Ditto what Mohamed said. The "Attaching the Script debugger to process" is a killer for me. I am on Windows 7 and VS 2010 and have not found any acceptable workaround short of reverting back to IE 9.

I was excited to get IE 10 on my Win 7 laptop, but this is a killer for me.

Back to IE9 I go.
March 01, 2013 12:07
ASP.NET 4 sites can have trouble with the ASP.NET Web Forms ImageButton control and IE10. You can fix this issue in one of three ways.

4 options, replace ImageButton with another control ;)
March 02, 2013 0:30
I think that MS loose many many customers if that stupid Script debugger problem with IE10 and VS2010 will not be resolved soon!
March 02, 2013 1:17
As a workaround, one can install Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Desktop - that should fix JavaScript debugging in Visual Studio 2010 as well.

Dmitri Leonov,
Visual Studio Debugger team
March 02, 2013 2:48
There is a simpler fix:
1.Close IE
2.In elevated cmd prompt run this command:
regsvr32.exe "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\msdbg2.dll"

(or "%ProgramFiles% on a 32-bit OS)
March 02, 2013 17:47
I have tried @Dmitri simple fix. But still the error is not resolved with IE10 & VS2010 on Windows7 32-bit OS.


"Attached the Script debugger to process '[6404] iexplore.exe' on machine 'MyMachine' failed. A debugger is already attached."
March 04, 2013 16:10
I also get the script debugger error with VS2010 same as Kapil and also the jquery ajax post issue both of which are causing me serious problems. Is there a relevant MS Connect bug report I can follow or anything?
March 04, 2013 17:31
I got the same script debugger issue as well, tried couple workaround but nothing worked, i have to downgrade to IE 9.
Microsoft has put too much efforts to advertise the new IE but even couldn't make it work with it's own product (VS 2010), what a shame!
March 06, 2013 6:18
I went to the web site and clicked download, it started to download, but failed. There is a dialogue box "Internet Explorer did not finish installing- Setup can't continue because a more recent version of internet explorer is installed on your computer" And I have IE 9 in my 32-bit Windows 7 PC. Can you help me out Scott? I am really excited to see IE 10.

Duke Metterinich
March 07, 2013 22:40
I just wanted to thank you for the free Baby Smash! Keyboard game. I have been looking for something like this, and yours is better than the other 2 i found first. I would like there to be better sound. Is there a way I could put my own sounds in there if i recorded my voice or something? that would be a great function to add. I wish i knew how to program. If parents could easily insert their own pictures and sounds. If anyone knows of anything like that out there please let me know. Thanks.
March 07, 2013 22:51
If anyone has ANY install issues, send me your

%windir%\ie9_main.log and %windir%\ie10_main.log

and I'll get someone looking at them.
March 10, 2013 5:12
I have Win 7 with automatic updates - the equivalent of SP1, but not installed as a package. When I try to download IE10, I am told I can't since I don't have SP1. If I roll everything back and install SP1, I'll lose all my other updates. Any suggestions?
March 15, 2013 20:50
In the F12 tool I do not see svg elements and paths in the DOM tree. (Win 7 64, ie10) Am I missing a setting or something?
March 15, 2013 21:35
.. I mean, I don't see any svg information beyond the svg and g tags; meaning, no path data, text fields, etc. In building animations this is critical debug information.

Also, the historic and well-documented IE z-index handling issue remains. All that equates to 3 major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) implementing a complex site perfectly but not IE. And the browser's debugger is not sophisticated enough for me to hack an IE solution to the problem.

I like Microsoft and their accomplishments. But being non-compliant makes advancing new technologies difficult especially when it's Microsoft who is the culprit. Come on, MS. You've led the way this far, what's up with not resolving some of these bugs that have been documented for years now?
March 15, 2013 23:43
After installed IE10 for Windows 7 I was unable to signin to Google Apps, e.g. google apps mail url responded with wrong (gmail) signin screen.

Google gives (an incomplete) hint:

The following sites have to be added to trusted list:

Hope it helps someone ...
March 17, 2013 4:44
Sorry IE10 is another bad product forced into the pipeline!

Kills Aero on some Win7 machines, rendering flaws with Flash video, can't render HTML correctly like IE9(search StackOverflow)... WOW!

Microsoft never used to have bugs this visible in a released product before, some show stoppers!

I was all primed to go back to IE as my dev browser(Chrome is now for speed), but I can't use or recommend IE10!

Win 7 was IE's big chance, since I don't know a single business that has even a passing interest in Win8!

I just keep shaking my head, what's wrong with Microsoft?
March 20, 2013 2:46

Installed it. It killed SQL Server Management Studio, which now won't load because I need "Internet Explorer 6.0 or later".
March 22, 2013 21:09
The most important feature the IE is missing for years, are add-ins like noscript or ad-block, for firefox. And a few others, but we simply cannot use IE because we have no control on what is loaded. Noscript, ad-block and few others let the user control almost anything inside the page and inspect and block anything. So my users and clients, use firefox with add-ons.
April 17, 2013 16:46
I would like to use IE10 more. Sadly, it's terrible blurry font rendering means I'll be continuing to use other browsers instead.
April 23, 2013 2:37
I found a fix for the issue of Visual Studio 2008 not exiting debug mode after closing IE10: I just re-installed VS2008 SP1. Should have thought of that three hours ago.
April 26, 2013 16:07
HI, I have Internet Explorer 9 on my Vista computer. I guess IE10 doesn't work on Vista ? or is it that the LINK isn't working to downlaod it - something about this isn't a valid win32 application. Even when you save the program to your desk top, it's a greyed out icon that brings up the same message, even Run as Adminsitartor. What is the proper link for a 32 bit Vista system Please :-)

April 26, 2013 21:12
Nope, it requires Windows 7. A good reason to upgrade!
May 12, 2013 1:23
OMG, someone please help. what about us poor little people who can't go out and buy new equipment every time MS gets a hair and decides to force updates. This is the second time that this has happened. My hp printer no longer works and there is no driver download available. I need the printer!!!!. So, my computer says that ie 9 is still on the computer but I cannot find it. I am afraid to uninstall 10 until 9 comes back. I have gateway windows 7. Oh and by the way, I am a layman. Plain language please. thank you
May 13, 2013 7:09
IE10 is working fine for me now!

I still can't understand why no "Paste & GO" since it's there on Windows 8.
June 10, 2013 19:41
Chris, As soon as you uninstall IE10, IE9 should automatically become active again.
June 26, 2013 22:31
Installing IE10 broke debugging in VS2012 where IE is started but won't stop if debugging is stopped, and debugging isn't stopped when IE is closed. Does MSFT actually use or test this stuff? hire professionals that get stuf to work, not wizz kids amazed with the latest shiny objects.
July 11, 2013 20:26
No, the latest version of Silverlight does not work with IE10 on Server 2008 R2. Absolute rubbish and means we have to move to IE9 instead of 10. Ridiculous!
September 03, 2013 22:39
Here is my question,


Someone might know why a WINDOWS2008R2 64 BITS, I get the following message IE10-Windows6.1-x64-en-us.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

Here is my server config: (Sysinfo)
OS Name: Microsoft ® Windows Server ® 2008 Enterprise
OS Version: 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
OS Configuration: Member Server
OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
Registered Owner: Mondou
Registered Organization: Mondou
Product ID: 55041-091-0599651-76560
Original Install Date: 2011-09-28, 7:44:16
System Boot Time: 2013-07-18, 9:44:15 p.m.
System Manufacturer: VMware, Inc.
System Model: VMware Virtual Platform
System Type: x64-based PC
Processor (s): 4 Processor (s) Installed.
[01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5 GenuineInt
el ~ 2400 Mhz
[02]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5 GenuineInt
el ~ 2400 Mhz
[03]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5 GenuineInt
el ~ 2400 Mhz
[04]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5 GenuineInt
el ~ 2400 Mhz
BIOS Version: Phoenix Technologies LTD 6.00, 2012-06-22
Windows Directory C: \ Windows
System Directory C: \ Windows \ system32
Boot Device: \ Device \ HarddiskVolume1

October 19, 2013 3:17
Re Dave: "Installing IE10 broke debugging in VS2012 where IE is started but won't stop if debugging is stopped, and debugging isn't stopped when IE is closed. Does MSFT actually use or test this stuff? hire professionals that get stuf to work, not wizz kids amazed with the latest shiny objects."

I have exactly the same problem as you reported. I've had to revert back to ie9 too. Is there a fix for this problem? It is driving me crazy. I would be grateful if anyone could help me with an additional problem with ie10. I'm using 4.5, and yesterday added a global.asax file to trap application wide errors. Worse thing I every did, been inundated with 100s of emails reporting errors about number conversion ( but the stack trace on either server.getlasterror or getbaserror are all about mscorlib: no indication of which class, or line number the error occurred in). Fortunately we are an intranet, so I switched all the users to chrome. Like you say, Dave, does no-one test this stuff? For ie 10 not to be compatible with vs2012 seems unforgivable. If anyone could give me any pointers ( I have spent about 8 hours searching ,and all I can find are entries about net 4.0 and image buttons - i do make extensive use of Telerik image buttons, but I also use net 4.5 which was supposed to have fixed the browser problem. I also had to use the meta tag IE=edge to get telerik reporting to work.)



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