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Scale, extend, stay running and don't forget to lock the door

March 31, 2003 Comment on this post [0] Posted in Web Services | TechEd | Speaking
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Steve [Swartz] and Clemens [Vasters] all over Europe.

This going to be great fun! I will be doing a speaking tour with my friend Steve Swartz (who was/is the architect of most of the new things in Windows Server 2003's COM+ 1.5). The topic is scalable application architectures and we have given it the unmarketable title "Scale, extend, stay running and don't forget to lock the door".

It's 7 cities (Warsaw, Bukarest, Moscow, Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris, Lisbon) in two weeks. The party starts April 22 in Warsaw. At most Microsoft subsidiaries the event will unfortunately be "invite only" due to organizational (space) constraints, but at least in Denmark, everyone can apparently sign up.

Expect us talking, discussing, agreeing and disagreeing about layers, tiers, process models, transactions, patterns, anti-patterns, security, Enterprise Services and other interesting things and expect the one or the other hint at the future of Web Services....[Clemens Vasters]

Not to kiss these two guys' collective asses any more than I would ordinarily, but this may be the greatest meeting of the minds (at least in the vertical world of Scalable Systems) in recent memory.  I'm tempted to head to Europe, crash the party and check them out.  I saw Steve speak on Throughput Design Patterns a few years back and I was inspired.  And of course, Clemens is always inspired and a fun speaker (with startlingly good englesh! :), who according to Tomas is IM'ing the planet (see Comments). 

It's gonna be a great summer of presenting and travelling.  I'm speaking at the Visual Studio 2003/Windows Server 2003 Launches in four Northwest cities, including Seattle and Portland.  If you see me, come say Hi!  I'm also at TechEd 2003 in Dallas in June and my wife and I are at TechEd Asia Pacific - Malaysia in August.  Looking forward to Singapore Airlines, too!

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