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Something Wicked This Way Comes...Thinktecture

May 10, 2004 Comment on this post [0] Posted in ASP.NET | Web Services
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Isn't this a harbinger of something?

  • Ralf Westphal:  With only one day to go, I´d say I´m at the door step of an exciting new phase of my professional life. After 12 years of leading my own software company, then after 6 years of freelance work, now from tomorrow on I´ll be part of a new effort where the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.  Although I love to be independent, this team truely is very special, vibrating with ideas, motivation and enthusiasm - and also fun to work with!
  • Christian Weyer:  So, yes, I found this team I talked about earlier on. When you add their work up, it becomes truly impressing. It's amazing. Just one more day for all the details.
  • Christian Nagel: Web Services, ADO.NET, Enterprise Services, .NET Remoting, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Indigo, Longhorn…. A team with 13 books, 150 articles, 120 conference talks gets together.
    More details tomorrow.
  • Ingo Rammer: There are things, which I just couldn't do on my own.
And a newly minted URL: registered to one Ingo Rammer.  Looks like my favorite two Germans and two Austrians are planning to take over the world?
We will find out tommorow!

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