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TechEd 2005 - I'll be there

March 05, 2005 Comment on this post [2] Posted in TechEd | ASP.NET | Speaking
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It's getting to be that time. TechEd is almost upon us. I'll be there, in Orlando. Time to start checking out TechEdBloggers again and their RSS feed. It's always the place for content, reviews and generally goodness (and some sillyness.)

I've got a session on Software Factories in Harry's Architecture (ARC) Track. I'll be presenting how Corillian's Code Generation-based solution (now on version 2.0) has expanded to include code generation of ASP.NET Server Controls, as well as generation of a new class of control. We use not only extensions to XSD and WSDL, but also Domain Specific Languages. It should be fun. I'll post details once I have an abstract and a session id.

UPDATE: My title will likely be: "Code Generation: Architecting a New Kind of Reuse." I proposed "Automate the Boring Sh*t with CodeGen" but that was nixed. Then it was "Contract First++: Schema-based Modeling for a large scale SOA" but that didn't fly. I said that "Software Factories" isn't a sexy name (while it is a cool concept), so I didn't want a boring name like "Architecting a Software Factory - For Real!"

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March 08, 2005 12:04
Well, I'd love to go to TechEd 2005. And in anticipation I have created my own "graphics" like the badge you have.
Check it out :-)
April 02, 2005 12:41
I will be there, Am coming from Ghana to meet anyone who want to do business with me.

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