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May 25, 2004 Comment on this post [6] Posted in TechEd | ASP.NET | CodeRush | Web Services
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Having a fine time.  RD Bingo is a hit, and the current high score on the Apprentice.NET quiz is 7 out of 20 (and the guy who holds the high score actually was a successful contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!).  Maybe the quiz is too hard? :)

Having fun, and networking with lots of folks.  I'm surprised how many banks are here.  I've got a number of nice leads in my space.

I also spent a lot of time with Mark Miller from DevExpress (CodeRush) and let me tell you this - the Rush is on.  It's hot baby.  Mark's wandering around demoing CodeRush.  Get a Trial Copy and seriously, take a hour of your time and walk through the Users Guide.  You'll make up that hour within your first day of use.  I plan to start writing plugins immediately.

I also went to a party at the top of the W Hotel, and met a lot of fun people.  Here's a few pics:

John Lam and I.  We had a number of arguments.  Highlights were John's use of "Angle-Bracket Tax" and "Buzzword Compliant."

Mary Jo Foley (yes, THAT Mary Jo Foley!)

Right to Left: Bill Evjen (Reuters and countless books, including one on WSE and ASP.NET 2.0 Beta), Ari Bixhorn, the Adam Sandler of Group Program Management, and Dan Fernandez.  One day we will all co-host Saturday Night Live together.

Rebecca Dias (Manages WSE and Web Services Strategy) and stood on stage with Balmer at the Keynote!  Turns out that was the FIRST time - that moment on stage - that she'd met him.  I'd say she did a fine job!




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May 25, 2004 20:09
This is just a clarification for those wishing to get a trial version of CodeRush. Mark Miller is actually with Developer Express and you can download an evaluation here:
May 25, 2004 22:05
Oops, SORRY!
May 25, 2004 22:22
I'm also diggin CodeRush. Enought that I'll be sad when the trial period ends. Time to start lobbying the boss. :)
May 25, 2004 22:22
I'm also diggin CodeRush. Enought that I'll be sad when the trial period ends. Time to start lobbying the boss.
May 26, 2004 2:36
CodeRush is cool, I'm diggin it, but man it is a pig. At least on my Acer tablet - the sluggishness I'm seeing so far is counteracting any benefits from the (amazingly cool) macros.
June 06, 2004 8:06
Chris: There is a performance issue with the 1.0.15 build of CodeRush that appears if you use a template with linked identifiers -- those green highlighted regions that are connected -- enough times (e.g., 15-20) in a single file. The symptom is that editing feels sluggish. If you experience this, close and reopen the file. We've fixed this in the next build (1.0.16) which will be available later this month (June 2004).

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