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Thanks to the Seattle .NET Developer's Association...

July 09, 2003 Comment on this post [2] Posted in Web Services | ViewState | Bugs | Tools
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Thanks to everyone at the Seattle .NET Developers Association.  I haven't done a lot of User's Group lately, but I had a blast at this one. 

  • Blunck's ieHTTPHeaders for seeing HTTP Headers within an IE Explorer Bar
  • A version of Zoomin, the screen magnifier, is included with Visual Studio 6.0, but there is a freeware version from Brian Friesen.  Both are great, and I actually prefer the flexiblity of Brian's.
  • The .NET IL Disassembler is called ILDASM.EXE and if you have the .NET SDK, this is installed on your system already in the Framework's BIN directory.  It's your best friend.
  • Lutz Roeder is a .NET Legend because of Documentor, Reflector, and Resourer.
  • Fritz Onion's ViewStateDecoder has gotten me out of a few jams.

    A much more complete list of tools is at my list of Web Services tools. One day I'll make a list of all the things in my UTILS folder and blog it.

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    July 09, 2003 23:06
    Thank you! We really enjoyed your presentation, although it was an incredible amount to take in all at once. Taking the "red pill" and trying to break out of the Matrix that is VB 6 or .NET is going to be a huge task for somebody like me.

    July 10, 2003 14:57
    Another cool zooming tool is Zoom+ (

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