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VSLive SFO Rocked...

March 29, 2004 Comment on this post [3] Posted in ASP.NET | Internationalization | Web Services
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What a blast at VSLive! this last week. 

Some highlights:

  • Gave three talks, one on Internationalization in ASP.NET, and 2 sessions of a 3 part series with Bill Evjen on 'Zen and the Art of Web Services.'  I will post slides and code later. 
  • Hanging out with Peter Blum (from - Validation and More and Peter's Date Package)
  • Introduced Peter to David Platt only to find out they both live in the same TINY Massachusetts town and have for the last 15 years.  And they run into each other with me in SFO.  Madness.
  • Saw my buddy and former Malaysian RD Loke Uei Tan.  Saw my friend Terk Sean :), but didn't get to hookup with her partner in crime Ramin Perumal. :( 
  • Had a guy come up to me, and the conversation went like this: Him: "You know Rory Blyth?" Me: "Ya" Him: "I'm dickhead!"  Me: "You're dickhead!" Him: "Yep."  Interestng's a picture.
  • Saw Jon Box, Rocky LhotkaBilly Hollis, Chris Kinsman.
  • Hung out with Ron Jacobs the King of ShadowFax.  He took me to the airport on the way out using the Train, rather than using my brilliant 'taxi' idea. 
  • Had the best haute cuisine, as I always do when I'm in 'The City'



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March 29, 2004 21:27
it's truly impressive that in possibly one of the greatest restaraunt towns in the nation, you'd go to subway :)
April 01, 2004 3:05
Actually Scott, what I said was, "I'm THE dickhead" ;) I've really got to start my own blog so I can explain these things. Glad I made the highlights, though. Once again, superb job on the presentations!
April 02, 2004 1:37
Scott - you had a good presentation. So did Kimberly Trip and Ken Getz. Some of the other sessions were downright snoozers. I can't believe you ate at the Subway.

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