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Web Setup MSI fail when used on Servers with the Loopback Adapter installed

June 19, 2004 Comment on this post [1] Posted in ASP.NET
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Travis, who works with me, sent out a useful Gotcha today that was too useful to not blog.

We have a VM that requires the Host OS to use the Microsoft Loopback Adapter in order to create an internal subnet that is local to that machine.  It keeps the VM sequestered. 

However, due to the way the Loopback Adapter works, Visual Studio Web Setup Projects (MSIs) will fail.  To fix it, disable the Loopback Adapter, run the install, then enable the adapter.

(The problem is that, on install, the installer looks at the path it's going to install to and it comes back like http://machinename/http://machinename/targetpath <http://machinename/http:/machinename/targetpath>  - note the looping back going on there.  The installer doesn't like that.)

Interesante, but that's what you get when you do unusual stuff, eh?

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June 19, 2004 7:56
Now.. I wonder which VM software is he talking about? ;) Never liked the idea of needing to install the Loopback Adapter to get Host only networking working...

Maybe it's better than having half a dozen network adapters appear with the other VM software? ;)

But it's nice to go "Damn.. I need to scroll my ipconfig results!" :D

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